23 Dec 2014

Professor Banned From Campus for Disagreeing about Gay Marriage

Liberals are selective when discussing academic freedom. The Galileo affair figures prominently among liberal academics. They praise Galileo because he challenged the accepted science of the day. The Aristotelian scientists, astronomers, philosophers, and ethicists had adopted Aristotle’s claim that the earth was the center of the cosmos. Galileo disagreed and

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15 Dec 2014

School Teaches Your Children Can be ‘Genderqueer’

Homosexuals are in the recruiting business. They want your children and grandchildren. They need future victims for their homosexual ways. That’s why they are pushing hard to have homosexual history taught in government schools. For example, “Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill making California the first state in the

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11 Dec 2014

A Biblical Solution to False Rape Charges

There has been a great deal of attention given to reports of rape. Rolling Stone magazine reported on an alleged “brutal gang rape of a woman named Jackie during a party at a University of Virginia fraternity house.” Included in the story was that the University failed “to respond to this alleged

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06 Dec 2014

Carson Kight will Take Your Mind off the World’s Troubles

Not everything in the world is taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, or New York City. Not everybody is a thug or a “racist.” There are tons of stories out that move the heart. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t bleed, it most often doesn’t lead. I saw this story yesterday, and wanted to

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04 Dec 2014

If Gay Sex is OK Why Keep the Ban on Gay Blood Donations?

Gay rights is all the rage. Irrational judges are making irrational decisions about the normalcy of same-sex everything. Anybody who knows anything about biology knows, same-sex sexuality is more than irrational. In the 1980s there was the great AIDS awareness drive. The claim was made by homosexuals that anybody could

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02 Dec 2014

Protesting the Death of One Black Man but Not Tens of Thousands of Black Unborn Babies

The death of any person is a tragedy. The death of a teenager in an altercation with a police officer is equally a tragedy. Unfortunately, many Black leaders aren’t so much concerned about the death of one black teenager as they are about making race an ongoing war. I firmly

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01 Dec 2014

St. Louis Rams Players Hold Up Hands in ‘Don’t Shoot’ Gesture to Ferguson

On Sunday, players of the St. Louis Rams raised their arms in tribute to the events in Ferguson, Mo., as they walked onto the field during introductions before the team’s game against the Oakland Raiders. It reminded me of the awards ceremony for the 200 meters at the 1968 Mexico

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28 Nov 2014

Christian Parents With ‘Gay’ Children Challenging Churches

It’s hard to criticize Christian parents when they show a deep love for their children even when their children engage in sinful behavior. Now we’re learning that a number of Christian parents are challenging evangelical doctrine regarding homosexuality. Instead of leaving the church, these parents are calling on their churches

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25 Nov 2014

Teacher Tells Child Her Mother is Not Her Teacher

The following story is getting some traction. I suspect there are other stories like this about which parents never hear a thing. They don’t know what their children are being taught or what they’re not being taught. “Cassidy Vines recently began noticing a change in her daughter’s behavior. The kindergartener began

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22 Nov 2014

Christmas Commercial Brings Tears and Condemnation

World War I is long past, but its impact has had far reaching effects on our politics and our world. World War II grew out of it, and we know what kind of world we were left with in its wake. Films written against the backdrop of the First World

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20 Nov 2014

A Regular Guy Not the Media Found Gruber Video Clips about Obamacare

Comments by Jonathan Gruber about how the lies of Obamacare were there all the time. The media, like they refused to dig into Obama’s college and law school records and his personal history but went after Mitt Romney over a high school prank haircut, also refused to dig into those

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19 Nov 2014

Great Britain Calling for Knife Control

It had to happen. We’ve been told for decades that gun control has curtailed violence in Great Britain. With no guns around, people who are intent on doing harm are using knives. So, of course, there is no the call for knife control. “The new ‘Save a Life – Surrender

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17 Nov 2014

Feminists Upset About ‘Sexist’ Shirt But Not Naked Women at the Vatican

Feminists are upset about comet scientist Matt Taylor, who has a PhD in space plasma physics from Imperial College London and works on the Rosetta Project, was wearing a shirt about the comet landing while being interviewed that depicts scantily glad comic-book style women. Here’s how USA Today reported the story:

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15 Nov 2014

The Foundation Stone of American Liberty can be Laid Again

It’s been said that history repeats itself. Actually, it’s people who repeat the mistakes of history. We’re seeing a fundamental shift in worldviews taking place in America. A similar shift had taken place in England. It was that shift that brought about fundamental changes to the world. What took place

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12 Nov 2014

Liberals Bite on another Fake Jesus Was Married Story

I love how liberals hate the Bible when it speaks so clearly on issues like abortion, homosexuality, property rights, and private charity over against State-sanctioned welfare, but love whacko stories about Jesus being married and having children when there is absolutely no historical evidence behind the claims. The UK newspaper, The

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11 Nov 2014

Another Example of Liberals Hating Freedom of Expression

Liberalism use the language of freedom of expression and tolerance to gain entry into the political and judicial process only to slam the door shut behind them once they get in. We’re seeing this take place on an almost daily basis over the issue of homosexual marriage. Liberals had no

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08 Nov 2014

Tony the Tiger Gets His Gay Stripes

Latest studies show that homosexuals make up about 1.5 percent of the population. It’s shocking how they control the media, the film industry, the courts, and big-name companies. My theory has always been that it’s not that these companies support same-sex sexuality; it’s that by defining deviancy down, they can

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07 Nov 2014

Leftist Says Election Was ‘Victory for the Left’ about Income Equality

Liberals make my job easier. There isn’t a day that goes by that I can’t find something to write about. The latest is from William Saletan who writes for Slate.com. He’s claiming the following: “Republicans won big in the 2014 elections. They captured the Senate and gained seats in the

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