Carson Kight will Take Your Mind off the World’s Troubles

Not everything in the world is taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, or New York City. Not everybody is a thug or a “racist.”

There are tons of stories out that move the heart. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t bleed, it most often doesn’t lead.

I saw this story yesterday, and wanted to share it with the Godfather Politics readership.

It will renew your faith in at least some areas of humanity.

‘Tis the season for touching gestures. UPS delivered one when it made a  4-year-old boy’s dream of becoming a UPS driver come true by giving him his very own mini UPS truck, shown in a heartwarming ad released Dec. 1.

“We had it made just for him,” UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg tells Yahoo Parenting of the vehicle, gifted to Colorado Springs preschooler Carson Kight. Kight has been obsessed with driving a UPS truck just like his local driver “Mr. Ernie,” who had been delivering a special baby formula to the family three times a week since the boy’s birth.

Here’s the video. I know you’ll enjoy it.

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