04 Jul 2019

It’s Time to Revive the Black Regiment

The clergy helped lead the resistance and independence movement in America in the eighteenth century. They were often described as the “black regiment” because of the black robes they wore while preaching. Before marching off to join Washington’s army, Lutheran pastor John Muhlenberg delivered a powerful sermon from Ecclesiastes 3:1–8

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14 Dec 2017

Pension promises are killing Connecticut’s budget

Despite a “Booming” economy, tax revenue is down. Connecticut is reaching into its emergency fund during the good times. What’s going to happen when the recession actually hits?

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11 Dec 2017

What we lose by voting against Roy Moore

In the final hour, Roy Moore is down by 10. Is this the end?

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07 Dec 2017

Here’s the real problem with Judge Moore staying in the Senate race

Senator Al Franken has announced that he’ll be resigning his Senate seat soon — in the coming weeks. (Probably.) But he couldn’t help but take a jab at Roy Moore on his way out.

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06 Nov 2017

Politics and sorcery – the Left’s loss of faith in politics and the rise of witchcraft

When people lose hope, they sometimes turn to magic. Since Trump’s victory, the loss of hope has accelerated on the left…

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13 Sep 2017

Preaching liberal religion at the Hurricane Irma benefit concert

In 2005, the blacks in New Orleans were victims — possibly of George W. Bush if Kanye West was to be believed. But in 2017, the citizens of Houston were said to have deserved the climatic disaster that befell their city…

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11 Jul 2017

Seattle liberals just challenged their state constitution

Progressives are angry people. They see injustice in the world everywhere, and they really want to correct it. They want to make things more equal, they always claim. So, to make things more equal, they violate the principle of justice: every person equal under the law.

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12 Jun 2017

High school teacher, making $88k a year, suspended over Trump yearbook censorship

Are student yearbook photographs censored because of their political messages? “Absolutely not,” a New Jersey public school has assured us. But evidently the mouse are at play…

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08 Jun 2017

Politics, Power, and the Occult

The latest season of “House of Cards” melds fantasy with reality by depicting an occult ritual that seems too ridiculous for real life…

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25 May 2017

Minnesota Republican shares Jesus with her colleagues, and Liberals go nuts

The critics of Christ always pretend that we can be neutral about this. It’s not a matter of whether you share Jesus or not. It’s about which god you are representing when you speak…

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09 May 2017

For everything that Obama got wrong, he’s right about this

The former President recently gave a speech overseas. What he told his audience should hit us right on the nose. Maybe it’s too raw and too real to say to voters back home…

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04 May 2017

12 taxes abolished by the GOP Repeal-and-Replace Bill

Today, the House of Representatives passed a modified version of their repeal-and-replace plan that died a few weeks ago. The good news: look at all the taxes it will abolish, assuming the Senate also approves the bill…

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22 Apr 2017

Promises to cut wasteful science funding draw protests

On Earth Day, people gathered in the rain around the Washington Monument, to “fight for planet earth.” They intended to turn it into “an homage for science.”

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17 Apr 2017

How much money does Trump’s super liberal opponent in Georgia have?

John Ossoff is making waves around the world. He’s a surprise liberal underdog who’s about to rise to prominence in a traditionally Conservative suburb of Atlanta and upset the special election being held there…

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15 Apr 2017

Trump the new John Kerry?

John Kerry was known as the king of flip-flops. What’s happened in the White House this week?

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03 Apr 2017

Will Trump audit the Fed or side with the bankers?

President Trump is very close to fulfilling one of his campaign promises. If he does, it will be an historical victory for the average American citizen…

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28 Mar 2017

Trump Trims Overgrowth at the EPA

The EPA is a land-grabbing organization that relentlessly challenges the principle of private property. Trump just took it out to the woodshed.

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23 Mar 2017

RyanCare: what would Ron Paul tell us?

Ron Paul is no longer in Congress. But there’s actually a way for us to know exactly what he would tell us about RyanCare…

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