21 Jun 2017

Liberal wants to break up Amazon. But can’t explain why.

It’s big. It’s successful! It has greatly enhanced the average consumer’s life with its low prices and fast shipping. And now, Amazon must be broken up because…why? 

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15 Jun 2017

Last Man Standing to Return? The viewers are being heard…

It was a well-loved comedy hit starring Tim Allen. But, the show relentlessly jabbed at the liberals the way the liberal media jabs at Trump. Cancelled with little explanation in 2017, it now has a chance at new life…

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13 Jun 2017

Liberal NY Times best-selling author understands Christianity better than Christians do

Some of the Church’s worst enemies have come from within. Judas. Rousseau. Robespierre. Marx and Engels. These Inside Men have inflicted great damage to the Church over the years. Now, former megachurch pastor Rob Bell wants to join their ranks…

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12 Jun 2017

High school teacher, making $88k a year, suspended over Trump yearbook censorship

Are student yearbook photographs censored because of their political messages? “Absolutely not,” a New Jersey public school has assured us. But evidently the mouse are at play…

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08 Jun 2017

Politics, Power, and the Occult

The latest season of “House of Cards” melds fantasy with reality by depicting an occult ritual that seems too ridiculous for real life…

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05 Jun 2017

People are angry that Uber paid its drivers higher fares to drive into a terrorist war zone

Uber users complained that they were paying prices that were too high when they summoned Uber drivers to the London terror zone. Was Uber morally wrong for charging higher prices for these evacuations?

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02 Jun 2017

Has the economic slowdown begun? Here are 12 ominous signs.

Recessions happen. They are built into our modern central-banking economy. The question is: when will the next recession arrive?

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30 May 2017

Trump will be blamed for the stock market crash, but he’s not the real culprit

There are so few commentators and pundits who understand this. When the crash comes, we should be looking at the man behind the curtain. In fact, why not start now…

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29 May 2017

Bully violates her victim’s privacy, and now her school is protecting the bully’s privacy

The 16-year-old victim’s parents are outraged. The school is protecting the bully, who is a star athlete…

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25 May 2017

Minnesota Republican shares Jesus with her colleagues, and Liberals go nuts

The critics of Christ always pretend that we can be neutral about this. It’s not a matter of whether you share Jesus or not. It’s about which god you are representing when you speak…

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23 May 2017

Trump’s budget request just $50 billion less than Obama’s

Liberals are appalled by Trump’s budget request. But they are overreacting… 

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19 May 2017

Millennials have discovered the truth, and economists are panicking

They refuse to take the old advice. Economists and financial advisors are convinced the millennials are marching towards their financial doom, but the millennials are marching to the beat of a different drum than their baby-boomer parents…

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18 May 2017

Atheist fabricates Bible verse about women, paints it on his truck, and then claims it’s Christians who make stuff up

Atheists have a bone to pick with God. Sometimes, they just can’t resist taking shortcuts to get their point across, much to their detriment. Just like this guy driving around in Virginia…

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17 May 2017

Stock market sheds 372 points on same day Trump special counsel announced

There may be more at play here than just waning hope that Trump’s tax cuts are going to be passed…

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12 May 2017

Climate change? Blame John Deere.

New data is challenging the global warming agenda. The narrative employed by the global warming movement, however, is not new. The plot is the same. Only the characters have changed. It’s a recycled move out of an old government playbook…

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09 May 2017

For everything that Obama got wrong, he’s right about this

The former President recently gave a speech overseas. What he told his audience should hit us right on the nose. Maybe it’s too raw and too real to say to voters back home…

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08 May 2017

11-year-old black girl suspended from school after being jumped by 8 bullies

Their charter school takes threats seriously, the principal said afterwards. The sheriff’s office and the public school officials both agreed that the threats the bullies made beforehand didn’t warrant expulsion…

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04 May 2017

12 taxes abolished by the GOP Repeal-and-Replace Bill

Today, the House of Representatives passed a modified version of their repeal-and-replace plan that died a few weeks ago. The good news: look at all the taxes it will abolish, assuming the Senate also approves the bill…

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