14 Jan 2018

Just like in Star Wars, nothing in the Liberal’s world matters one bit

The leftists have claimed The Last Jedi as their own, but they are kicking against the pricks. Yet in doing so, they baited Conservatives into falling into a standard liberal trap that can be articulated in just five words…

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19 Dec 2017

Bizarre! Daughter to season Christmas dinner with her mother’s ashes

And who says the British still prefer bland food…

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15 Dec 2017

LGBTQs on Net Neutrality Repeal – “It’s now harder for us to get at your children!!”

The liberals are always in favor of increased government control and taking away people’s freedoms to “help” them. But they don’t like it when that gun barrel swings back towards them…

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14 Dec 2017

Pension promises are killing Connecticut’s budget

Despite a “Booming” economy, tax revenue is down. Connecticut is reaching into its emergency fund during the good times. What’s going to happen when the recession actually hits?

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13 Dec 2017

Police try to shut down Pastor outside abortion mill. Guess what happens?

Warning – watching this might make you angry.

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12 Dec 2017

The end of science as we know it?

The history of Western Civilization is the history of a culture that adopted a linear view of time. But now, because the Big Bang Theory has numerous problems, a new paper has proposed abandoning the linear view and taking a new look at a much more ancient model…

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11 Dec 2017

What we lose by voting against Roy Moore

In the final hour, Roy Moore is down by 10. Is this the end?

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09 Dec 2017

Three video clips that suggest the Hollywood sexual abuse scandal was an open secret

There has been a lot of surprise expressed by executives in high places over the eruption of the 2017 sexual abuse scandals. But these clips suggest that maybe it had actually been a long-running open secret within the industry…

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07 Dec 2017

Here’s the real problem with Judge Moore staying in the Senate race

Senator Al Franken has announced that he’ll be resigning his Senate seat soon — in the coming weeks. (Probably.) But he couldn’t help but take a jab at Roy Moore on his way out.

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07 Dec 2017

New report reveals Hollywood’s homosexual boy abusers now a step closer to being exposed

Former child actor Corey Feldman faced skepticism after claiming he turned over names of child abusers to police in 1993. Now, it looks like he may be vindicated…

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05 Dec 2017

If liberals don’t care about unborn babies, why are they so worried about robot rights?

The rapid advancement of computing technology and artificial intelligence is making humanists sweat. Squirming over the ethics of giving rights to robots, they strain out gnats…

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04 Dec 2017

Trump reverses Obama’s Executive-branch overreach with this major decision

It’s not a yyyuuuuuge victory, but it’s definitely symbolic. We should appreciate the small things…

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22 Nov 2017

Net neutrality: are you a Socialist and you don’t know it?

Liberals favor net neutrality. But some Christians and Conservatives do, too, even though they shouldn’t. Here’s why…

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Scene from “Call Me By Your Name”
20 Nov 2017

Hollywood’s Pro-Gay Propaganda Machine Cranks Up

It makes you wonder why they’ve given Kevin Spacey such a hard time…

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06 Nov 2017

Politics and sorcery – the Left’s loss of faith in politics and the rise of witchcraft

When people lose hope, they sometimes turn to magic. Since Trump’s victory, the loss of hope has accelerated on the left…

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21 Oct 2017

Millennials Are Turning to Witchcraft and Sorcery

The number of people turning away from Christianity in America is increasing, but they’re not all simply becoming atheists…

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19 Oct 2017

Does it really pay to be a nice guy?

A new study reveals some good news…

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11 Oct 2017

Boy Scouts to welcome girls into the tent?

The Boy Scouts have announced that they are going to admit girls. What changes will this lead to?

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