11 Oct 2017

Boy Scouts to welcome girls into the tent?

The Boy Scouts have announced that they are going to admit girls. What changes will this lead to?

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18 Sep 2017

Marvel Comics and Eastern Mysticism – At Home with Disney

Marvel’s cinema hits combine elements of Western evolution with eastern mysticism. But that’s not why they are successful…

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16 Sep 2017

Global Warming Liberals and Some Christians Agree: The End Times Approach

The world is going to end. The main question is “How?” The next question is, “Will there be signs that the end is coming soon?”

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15 Sep 2017

The scientific facts contradict the climate change faith

The proof that global warming exists, we are told, is that violent natural disasters like hurricanes are increasing. But is that really true?

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14 Sep 2017

Does Mother Nature have a Ph.D. In Global Warming?

Liberal Hollywood actors and global-warming scientists want us to believe that “Nature” is also a liberal. But their argument is unsound….

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05 Sep 2017

BOOTLEG VIDEO CLIP: High school teacher tells student “Make America Great Again” t-shirt as offensive as Nazi swastika!

A Georgia high-school teacher ejected two students from her classroom. She made them turn their Trump t-shirts inside out. It was caught on video. . . .

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25 Aug 2017

Playboy heir brings back mom for photo shoot

When a culture abandons the ethics of the Bible — yes, even those set forth in Leviticus — very weird things start to happen.

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16 Aug 2017

Iceland solves the Down syndrome problem the way Hitler solved the Jew problem

A recent CBS report has stirred up passionate emotions. It reports on the very, very low number of babies born with Down syndrome in Iceland…

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21 Jul 2017

New Transracial Black Woman Stepping on Liberal Toes (Pics Inside)

Are transracial black women to be treated differently from natural-born black women?

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12 Jul 2017

Yale Divinity School Professor gets so much wrong about the Bible, that the school’s founders would be ashamed

He wrote an article in response to Marco Rubio’s tweets from Proverbs. The lesson here is short: friends won’t let their friends attend Yale Divinity School. Or else, they’ll end up as blind as this professor…

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01 Jul 2017

Would Jesus endorse Obamacare?

Bullies are trying to dismantle Obamacare. What does Jesus think of bullies? That’s what one writer has recently asked. Too bad he didn’t ask the logical follow up: what’s He going to do about them?

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27 Jun 2017

Canadian government orders Christian school to stop teaching “offensive” Bible verses

Let this be a warning to private schools, churches, and Christian schools everywhere: never, ever take one dime of government money…

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26 Jun 2017

Police can celebrate gay pride on their cars, but not Christianity

The myth that there’s such a thing as “neutrality” in civil government continues to crumble. One set of religious impulses is favored over the deep foundational worldview of an entire nation…

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15 Jun 2017

Last Man Standing to Return? The viewers are being heard…

It was a well-loved comedy hit starring Tim Allen. But, the show relentlessly jabbed at the liberals the way the liberal media jabs at Trump. Cancelled with little explanation in 2017, it now has a chance at new life…

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13 Jun 2017

Liberal NY Times best-selling author understands Christianity better than Christians do

Some of the Church’s worst enemies have come from within. Judas. Rousseau. Robespierre. Marx and Engels. These Inside Men have inflicted great damage to the Church over the years. Now, former megachurch pastor Rob Bell wants to join their ranks…

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12 Jun 2017

High school teacher, making $88k a year, suspended over Trump yearbook censorship

Are student yearbook photographs censored because of their political messages? “Absolutely not,” a New Jersey public school has assured us. But evidently the mouse are at play…

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29 May 2017

Bully violates her victim’s privacy, and now her school is protecting the bully’s privacy

The 16-year-old victim’s parents are outraged. The school is protecting the bully, who is a star athlete…

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19 May 2017

Millennials have discovered the truth, and economists are panicking

They refuse to take the old advice. Economists and financial advisors are convinced the millennials are marching towards their financial doom, but the millennials are marching to the beat of a different drum than their baby-boomer parents…

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