BOOTLEG VIDEO CLIP: High school teacher tells student “Make America Great Again” t-shirt as offensive as Nazi swastika!

A Georgia high-school teacher ejected two students from her classroom. She made them turn their Trump t-shirts inside out. It was caught on video. . . .

The Washington Post picked up the story:

The incident took place at River Ridge High School on Aug. 31, when a teacher “erroneously told two students their shirts with campaign slogans were not permitted in class,” Cherokee County School District spokeswoman Barbara P. Jacoby said.

The outrage over the report, supported by the classroom video, lit up social media. The official response has been quick. The school district apologized, and the teacher’s actions have been condemned. The Atlanta Journal Constitution provided details:

“Her actions were wrong, as the ‘Make America Great Again’ shirts worn by the students are not a violation of our School District dress code,” Jacoby said.

The teacher, whose name has not been released by the school district, also shared her personal opinion about the campaign slogan during class, which Jacoby said was inappropriate.

“Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian V. Hightower is deeply sorry that this incident happened in one of our schools,” Jacoby said. “It does not reflect his expectation that all students be treated equally and respectfully by our employees.”

After the video taken by students was circulated on social media, local officials such as State Rep. Earl Ehrhart, the longest serving Republican in the Georgia House of Representatives who represents District 36, reacted.

“It’s just shocking – you can’t do that to kids,” Ehrhart told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “That’s so wrong on so many levels. That individual doesn’t need to be anywhere near a classroom ever again.”


The local politicians are picking up on the hypocrisy of the left. Representative John Carson is quoted as saying “It’s ironic to me that the political left claims to promote free speech, but then attempts to silence conservative free speech.”

Of course that’s their goal. They are usually pretty good at it. Political correctness, which dominates American culture, is a social force used to pressure conservatives into suppressing their conservative views.

The problem here is that the kids were smart, and the teacher wasn’t. The kids caught the whole thing on video. No one would have believed them otherwise. The system probably would have protected the teacher, and none of this would have made the news. But since it was caught on film, the ridiculous situation cannot be denied by anybody.

It offends the right, and officially it ought to offend the left since they are the biggest proponents of free speech. If they were to side with the teacher, their hypocrisy would be undeniable. And the teacher’s so obviously motivated by her political views that the leftists are caught in a trap.

She wasn’t condemning some official form of “hate speech.” She wasn’t condemning racist slogans. She was condemning “Make America Great Again,” which is only offensive because of its association with Donald Trump.

You mean to say, students in a public, government school cannot wear clothes that support their President?

So, the articles published in the major media only go so far as to report the story, but they are trying to hide the video. They do not directly link to the website that contains the video. The AJC didn’t provide a link at all. The Washington Post links only indirectly to a site, which then links to the video. You have to dig a little for the video. I have done that work for you.

Watch the video below. It’s less than a minute long:

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