01 Jun 2023

Beware of Educational Brainwashing

In two- or three months millions of high school graduates will head off to college where the goal will be to retrain them to get their minds right. What will they encounter? Is there an agenda? You bet there is. Consider what happened at the law school at the City

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25 May 2023

Can Atoms be Put on Trial for Killing Other Atoms?

“Compassion and humanity are virtues peculiar to the righteous and to the worshippers of God. Philosophy teaches us nothing of them.” — Lactantius (c. 240–c. 320), Divinae institutiones Literature is often a signpost for where we are in our worldview thinking. It’s not that everybody who reads the latest popular

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18 May 2023

Is AI Bad for Humanity?

It seems everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its advantages and disadvantages. My friends Darren Doane and Brian Godawa are using it for great benefit. Brian has used AI to create artistic renderings for his characters in his upcoming book Cruel Logic. Here’s what his detective Cornelius Van

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22 Oct 2020

Where to View Gary DeMar’s Daily Articles

Since I returned to American Vision in 2019, I have been posting my articles at AmericanVision.org. Click the link below. In addition to daily articles, American Vision offers many books and downloadable audio and book files in various formats:   AmericanVision.org

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21 May 2020

‘Socialism for Thee but not for Me’

Socialism doesn’t work, so it’s surprising that some very intelligent people believe in it with a near religious fervor. Of course, it’s not about mental makeup but faith despite the evidence. What’s surprising is the number of successful people who believe in and advocate for socialism. For example, Roger Waters,

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20 May 2020

Does the Bible Teach that the World Will End?

When Christians hear the phrase the “end of the world,” most assume it’s a reference to a great end-time prophetic event like Armageddon, the Second Coming of Christ, or the cataclysmic end of heaven and earth as a prelude to a New Heavens and New Earth. Actually, the phrase “end

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19 May 2020

The State’s Goal is to Control the Family

Two articles appeared some time ago about monkeys and their supposed similarity to humans. In the first article, we learned that when monkeys were given keyboards and computers, they made a mess. Based on testing the Infinite Monkey Theorem, researchers at Plymouth University in England reported that monkeys left alone with

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18 May 2020

Ruled by God’s Laws or Ruled by the Dictates of the State

Most people who have seen the film The Ten Commandments on television have never seen Cecil B. DeMille’s opening introduction. DeMille had something more in mind than just making a film about a religious figure from the Bible. He considered his production to be so important that he came out on

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15 May 2020

The ‘What Ifs’ of History and What Might Have Been

The Butterfly Effect is said to explain how seemingly inconsequential events can cause catastrophic results. The flap of a butterfly’s wing might set off a series meteorological events that result in a hurricane in the Caribbean. What’s true for wind currents can also apply to historical events. For example, the

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14 May 2020

John Piper, the Coronavirus, and the End Times

While the writer of the letter to the Hebrews says we should “have our senses trained” (5:14), the Bereans searched the Scriptures daily to assess whether what Paul was saying was true or not (Acts 17:11), and John says to “test the spirits, to see whether they are from God,

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12 May 2020

Is Politics Outside the Scope of the Christian Worldview?

There’s a scene at the end of the film The Martian where Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) lays out what is inevitable in space travel. It’s a lesson that can and should be applied to every area of life: At some point, everything’s gonna go south on you… Everything’s going

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11 May 2020

Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are “Very Devoted to the Gospel of Matthew.”

Nancy Pelosi claims that she and the Democrats are devoted to the Gospel of Matthew. Pelosi, who supports laws so women can kill their unborn babies and men can marry men and women can marry women even though the Gospel of Matthew makes it clear that marriage is between one

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08 May 2020

‘Biblical Scholar’ Claims Virus is a Sign of the End

“A biblical scholar said the new coronavirus outbreak is a precursor to End Times prophecies, warning that the pandemic is a ‘very serious foreshadowing’ of what’s to come.”What’s worse? The government of “experts” who have locked down our nation because of a virus or “a biblical scholar” who is misinterpreting

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07 May 2020

Camels, Gnats, Famines, and Bible Prophecy

While searching for some information about the relationship between Matthew 24 and Luke 21, I came across a series of articles by Thomas Ice on Matthew 24–25. Ice is a dispensationalist. Thomas and I have debated on numerous occasions. Kenneth Gentry and Ice collaborated on The Great Tribulation: Past or

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06 May 2020

The End of the 1960s and the Beginning of Something Far Worse

Shifts in worldviews take time even though single events seem to mark their transition period. Seemingly unrelated events and thoughts work their wizardry to produce unfathomable results. Once the shift has taken place, only a retrospective look will reveal the philosophical ebbs and flows that erode worldview landscapes. The twentieth

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05 May 2020

Are Matthew and Luke Describing Different Destructions of the Temple?

I find a lot of interesting comments on Facebook. I use it as my research platform. People dig up all kinds of things I most likely would not find on my own. As you most likely know, prophecy is big right now because of geopolitics and a virus that is

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04 May 2020

The Rich, Taxes, and the Sin of Envy

Liberals are incensed when it is suggested that “the rich” get any type of tax reduction even though the top 50% of wage earners pay 96% of all income taxes. Since they spend more money, the rich also pay a disproportionate amount in sales, property, entertainment, and excise taxes. Without

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01 May 2020

Why Many Liberal Women’s Groups Are Sticking with Biden

Why are most liberal women’s groups and high profile Democrat women not going after Biden over the sexual assault allegation? Because Democrat politics is all about abortion. They know Biden will vote that women have the right to kill their unborn babies. If some women were sexually assaulted by him,

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