30 Apr 2020

Money is a Coward and Knows Nothing about Patriotism

A few years ago, George Stephanopoulos (Γεώργιος Στεφανόπουλος),  a descendant of Greek immigrant parents, stated that companies that go overseas as a result of high taxes in America are “unpatriotic.” Was it unpatriotic for Greeks to leave their home country to find a better life in the United States? When

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29 Apr 2020

Is Modern-Day Iran Ancient Persia?

I posted a few comments on Mark Hitchcock’s site where he was promoting his third (or is it his fourth) book on Iran and Bible prophecy. I can’t find what I posted, so I’ll post some of what I wrote there. First, Mark Hitchcock writes a lot of books on

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28 Apr 2020

My Two Very Different Encounters on the Topic of Bible Prophecy

Late Sunday evening, I returned from Idaho after doing two full days of content projects for American Vision. Upon arriving in Atlanta very late that evening I took the shuttle to where my car was parked. I don’t know how the conversation with the driver started, but she made a

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27 Apr 2020

The Rise of the Divine State in a Time of Crisis

A crisis can lead people to make bad decisions. In a time political crisis, the people of Israel chose Saul as their savior-king even after being told what tyranny he would bring on the nation (1 Sam. 8). The Jewish leadership, when given the opportunity to embrace Jesus as their

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24 Apr 2020

Cleaning Toilet E-Mailer Responds

The response to the article on “Homeschoolers are Only Good for Cleaning Toilets” drew a huge response from homeschool students and parents from all over the country. It was also picked up by other web sites and homeschool organizations. I am amazed at the wonderful accomplishments of so many young

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23 Apr 2020

‘Homeschoolers are only good for cleaning toilets’

Homeschooling is in the news. Because of the Coronavirus, the schools are shut down and parents must now homeschool their children. Long before this happened, a number of radical Leftists teaching at some of our nation’s most “prestigious” educational institutions, are calling for the elimination of homeschooling or severely regulating

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22 Apr 2020

Leftists Want to Stamp Out Homeschooling

You may not have seen the article in Harvard Magazine with the title “The Risks of Homeschooling” written by Erin O’Donnell. Risks to whom? Risks to the Messianic State. There can’t be any competition with the State and its total-control agenda by any other government, including the family, and the

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21 Apr 2020

The Day Governments Made the Earth Stand Still

One of my favorite science fiction films is the 1951 classic The Day the Earth Stood Still starring Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, and Billy Gray who went on to star as Bud in Father Knows Best. The film is based on Harry Bates’s 1940 short story “Farewell to the Master.”

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20 Apr 2020

How Essential is the Federal Government?

My friend Darren Doane, creator of the film Collision and producer of many of my videos on eschatology, posted the following on Facebook: Here was my response: The fact that the Federal Government has not been able to stop the spread of a virus means it’s not essential. My comment

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14 Apr 2020

Christians Around the World are Rejecting Last Days Madness

I’ve witnessed a seismic shift in prophetic thinking over the past 40 years. It’s happening every day in every part of the world. On April 10, 2020, I did a two-hour interview with Georges Ruapene co-founder of Faith & Grace ministries based in Australia. That interview has led to other

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11 Apr 2020

‘The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American’

I was listening to CrossPolitic Studios last night and their interview with Andrew L. Seidel from the Freedom From Religion Foundation about his book The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American. Seidel is an atheist, so not only must he demythologize Christianity, he must demythologize all references to religion in

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18 Mar 2020

Stealing By Majority Vote is Still Stealing

“You shall not steal” is a fundamental biblical commandment that’s found in both Testaments (Ex. 20:15; 21:16; Lev. 19:11, 13; Matt. 19:18; Rom. 13:9). If property is theft, as one Christian stated on his Facebook page, then every person in the world is a thief because everyone owns something. If

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17 Mar 2020

Audience Relevance, the Time Texts, and Bible Prophecy

I have been looking into prophecy books that deal with the history of prophetic interpretation. Dispensationalists are trying to claim that the “rapture” and dispensationalism (it’s the “ism” that makes a difference) had a long history before John Nelson Darby. You can read some of my articles on the subject

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16 Mar 2020

Plagues, Pestilence, and the End of the World

Is the current virus pandemic a sign that we are living in the last days, a fulfillment of Bible prophecy? Some people think so. Many people thought so in past generations. We encounter such pandemics every year. Tens of thousands of people die as a result. None of them, however,

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13 Mar 2020

The Two Thomas Paines

On a previous article at AmericanVision.org, I mentioned an episode of CrossPolitic Studios’ interview with Andrew L. Seidel from the Freedom From Religion Foundation about his book The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American. In several articles, Seidel shows that he’s a fan of Thomas Paine. But which Thomas Paine? Thomas Paine

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11 Mar 2020

Is the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Found Before the 19th Century?

I’ve been corresponding with some dispensationalists on Facebook on the topic of the rapture. There are several people who claim that dispensationalism, mostly the pretrib rapture, has some historical precedent before John Nelson Darby. I don’t have enough access to historical sources to do the necessary research, so I am

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10 Mar 2020

Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s New Book ‘Against All Opposition’ Is Nearly Complete

“We must not be satisfied to present Christianity as the most reliable position to hold among the competing options available. Rather, the Christian faith is the only reasonable outlook available to men.” ― Greg L. Bahnsen, Presuppositional Apologetics: Stated and Defended. In February 1973, Jesus Christ redeemed me in a

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09 Mar 2020

Can Satan and His Followers Perform Miracles?

Christian commentators often turn to the story of Moses and Aaron and their encounters with the magicians of Egypt as evidence that demonic miracles are real and can rival God’s miraculous works. If miracles are a way to demonstrate God’s power and authority over the created order, then “if something

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