Three video clips that suggest the Hollywood sexual abuse scandal was an open secret

There has been a lot of surprise expressed by executives in high places over the eruption of the 2017 sexual abuse scandals. But these clips suggest that maybe it had actually been a long-running open secret within the industry…

For example, CNN President Jeff Zucker was the former chair of NBC Universal. When the Matt Lauer scandal broke, he denied having any knowledge of bad behavior. However, there was a secret roast of Lauer held by the media elites in 2008, and in recent days the jokes made there by people like Meredith Vieira, Martha Stewart (who reportedly quipped, “I hear NBC executives call Matt the ‘Cock of the Rock’”), and even Jeff Zucker himself. The “jokes” will do more than make you blush, so be careful. After reading Zucker’s alleged remarks, it’s hard to believe he really had no idea.

Anyway, there are more “Easter eggs” like this sprinkled here and there if you know where to find them. I have compiled three that relate to the recent allegations against Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, and Charlie Rose.

This first clip is from a 2005 episode of Family Guy, and is just 9 seconds long. It features baby Stewie running through the mall, naked, saying he escaped from Kevin Stacey’s basement:

This second clip is a scene from a 2014 TODAY! Production, The Musical. It features Matt Lauer and the ladies of the show. They walk in on him while he’s in his boxers, and he swaps a little banter with them (At 4:49 into it):

The final clip is a video which is based on screenshots and text. It ties the events in The Royal Tenenbaums, a film released in 2001, to the recent Charlie Rose sex scandal. The movie features a character who is a parody of Charlie Rose. The actual clip from the movie is not available to watch on Youtube. But you’ll get the idea:

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