Protesting the Death of One Black Man but Not Tens of Thousands of Black Unborn Babies

The death of any person is a tragedy. The death of a teenager in an altercation with a police officer is equally a tragedy.

Unfortunately, many Black leaders aren’t so much concerned about the death of one black teenager as they are about making race an ongoing war. I firmly believe that many of them want to use race as a way to change America in a fundamental way. And if they have to burn America to the ground to do it, they will support and promote the objective.

Consider this from Louis Farrakhan:

“Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan went on a fiery tirade about Ferguson on Saturday — threatening that if the demands of protesters aren’t met, ‘we’ll tear this goddamn country apart!’

“Farrakhan stated in his speech — given at Morgan State University, a black college located in Baltimore, Md. — that violence was justified in response to the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson and peaceful protests are only in the interest of ‘white folks.’

“‘We going to die anyway. Let’s die for something,’ the radical figure told the crowd to roaring applause.”

Farrakhan and those applauding him should be reminded that most of the blacks dying are doing so at the hands and guns of other blacks. Blacks are killing themselves, and a once thriving Black culture.

Consider the statistics on abortion:

“The Abortion Surveillance report published by the CDC, for which the latest abortion numbers are for 2011, show there were 76,251 abortions in New York City that year.

“For that total, 9,550 abortions were of white babies, which is 12.5% of the total; 35,188 babies were black (46.1% of total); 23,959 were Hispanic (31.4%); and another 7,554 ‘other’ abortions, 9.9%, which includes Asians and Native Americans, as well as those babies not reported by race.

“Abortions of black and Hispanic babies combined totaled 59,147 – that is 77.56% of the total abortions in NYC.

“Blacks, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, make up 25.5% of the population of New York City, and Hispanics comprise 28.6% of the NYC population. Despite those population percentages, blacks make up 46.1% of the abortions, and Hispanics, 31.4%.

“While whites comprise 44% of the NYC population, they made up 12.5% of total abortions in that city.”

black genocide

No one is forcing black women to have children or abort the children they are carrying. As the pro-abortionists tell women, “It’s your choice.”

While we don’t have control over what others do, we do have control over what we do, and that can make a big difference.

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