20 Dec 2014

State Tells Christian Ministry it Must Hire Non-Christians

Once people call on the government to create laws on who a business can hire and fire, you can expect agencies that govern the terms of hiring and firing to grow exponentially as political pressure is put on the government by special interest groups to be treated specially. Eric Holder’s

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16 Dec 2014

Read the Stupid Thing Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Said

Bill Nye was best known for hosting the science program “Bill Nye the Science Guy.” The funny thing about Nye is that he’s not a Ph.D.-credentialed scientist. He has a number of honorary Doctor of Science degrees. In 2010, Nye received the 2010 Humanist of the Year Award from the American

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15 Dec 2014

School Teaches Your Children Can be ‘Genderqueer’

Homosexuals are in the recruiting business. They want your children and grandchildren. They need future victims for their homosexual ways. That’s why they are pushing hard to have homosexual history taught in government schools. For example, “Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill making California the first state in the

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04 Dec 2014

Christmas Bashing, American Atheists, and the Fairy Tale of Evolution

American Atheists, who represent the religion of the New Atheist movement in the United States, have “launched a billboard campaign in several Bible Belt states urging people to skip church this Christmas and stop listening to ‘fairy tales.’” The billboards contain this message showing a child writing a letter to

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02 Dec 2014

Protesting the Death of One Black Man but Not Tens of Thousands of Black Unborn Babies

The death of any person is a tragedy. The death of a teenager in an altercation with a police officer is equally a tragedy. Unfortunately, many Black leaders aren’t so much concerned about the death of one black teenager as they are about making race an ongoing war. I firmly

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26 Nov 2014

Gays and Atheists on the Warpath to Oust Fire Chief and University Professor

There are a couple of stories about religion and the workplace that are shocking. The first comes from Atlanta. Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was suspended for one month without pay for publishing a book that says homosexuality and having multiple sexual partners is “vile,” “vulgar,” and “inappropriate.” “Chief Cochran

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25 Nov 2014

Teacher Tells Child Her Mother is Not Her Teacher

The following story is getting some traction. I suspect there are other stories like this about which parents never hear a thing. They don’t know what their children are being taught or what they’re not being taught. “Cassidy Vines recently began noticing a change in her daughter’s behavior. The kindergartener began

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22 Nov 2014

Textbooks Criticized for Claiming Moses Influenced Founding Fathers

The biggest censors in America are liberals. They refuse to have an open discussion of the bad science behind evolution, compare critics of man-made global warming alarmists as comparable to holocaust deniers, and work tirelessly to scrub every vestige of the Bible’s influence on America’s founding. The latest example comes

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12 Nov 2014

Maryland Muslims Say No to Christmas in Public Schools

Who needs terrorism when you can just surrender to Islam? You’ve heard the saying, “Give ’em enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves.” That’s what many of our government institutions are doing. If one Muslim is offended, then all of us must pay for that offense. The same is true of

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10 Nov 2014

Why a College Degree Isn’t Necessary to Make a Good Living and be Happy

A four-year college education will cost around $100,000, more if you go to a prestigious college like Harvard, Yale, or Princeton. Is it worth it? Some occupations demand a college education and more. If you want to be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer, you will have to go to college.

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03 Nov 2014

Charlie Rangel Is Right . . . Slavery is Alive and Well in the DEMOCRAT Party

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) attacked the Republican Party during a campaign rally for New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Rangel is adept at playing the race card. He doesn’t have any other card in his deck. He compared some members of the GOP to confederates from the Civil War era.

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30 Oct 2014

Blacks are Rejecting the Democrat Party

“There are no white folks running Detroit” is a line from the video “Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership.” A number of Blacks are beginning to see how the Democrat Party has made their social, economic, and educational condition worse. The irony of it all is that the realization has

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24 Oct 2014

The Left’s Education Solution: Ban Private Schools

The Left hates competition. Liberals have a near monopoly over education in America and they want more. They want it all. Any type of dissent must be crushed. The thing of it is, many high profile liberals do not send their children to the government schools that they bleed taxpayers

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24 Oct 2014

Professors Say a 90 Percent Tax Would be Good for America

Would you work just as hard if the government took 90 percent of what you earned over a certain amount? Fabian Kindermann, from the University of Bonn, Germany, and Dirk Krueger from the University of Pennsylvania, not only think you would but that it would be good for America. “The

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22 Oct 2014

Christian School Told to Have Muslim Imam Lead Assemblies

“A successful Christian school could face closure for failing to uphold British values,’ The Daily Telegraph has reported.” Sowing the seeds of self-destruction. __________________ Regulators have informed a Christian school that it needs to have a Muslim imam come in to lead assemblies for its students in order to teach

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14 Oct 2014

The Blood Thirsty Indigenous Peoples of the Americas

Yesterday liberals celebrated “I Hate Columbus Day.” In order to express their disdain for the intrepid explorer, they’ve remade “Columbus Day” into “Indigenous Peoples Day.” Let’s look at some of these Indigenous Peoples, in particular the Aztecs and Inca. While Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortez’s arrival caused Montezuma fear and dread,

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11 Oct 2014

Your Children are Now to be Called Purple Penguins

Purple is the new liberal color. In politics, a blue state is a state dominated by Democrats. A red state is a state dominated by Republicans. A purple state is neither blue nor red. The politically correct and sexually confused liberal social engineers have taken the color purple and applied

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06 Oct 2014

Absurd Reasons Why Liberals Hate Conservatives

It’s not hard to find people who are ignorant about other people’s beliefs. All you have to do is watch man-in-the street interviews. A good portion of the population is ignorant on a whole host of topics. Even students at some very prestigious universities are more familiar with the latest

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