25 Oct 2018

Democrats Have Only Now Discovered Violent Rhetoric and Violent Actions

Popular movements often attract fringe characters. As my friend, James Jordan, often said, “Bright lights attract big bugs.” It would not surprise me that the pipe “bombs” that have been sent to Democrats and some of their vociferous supporters were made by some fringe supporter of Trump. If it turns

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21 Mar 2017

Pocahontas to be next President?

A recent poll is pointing to a harsh reality for Conservatives: Elizabeth Warren may be our next President.

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05 Nov 2014

The Denials Keep Rolling In and Obama Does Not Feel Repudiated

The following are some of the responses from die-hard Obama people in the media. I can’t blame them for making these kinds of comments. It’s hard getting your teeth kicked in by people you despise. The Wall Street Journal reports, “Democrats are really explaining away their losses in today’s midterm

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26 Sep 2014

Emeril Lagasse Says ‘Obama Nonsense’ Killing Restaurant Business

Emeril Lagasse better watch his back. He just said something negative about Barack Obama. Will Twitter light up calling for a boycott of his restaurants? Will he have to go through sensitivity training for a ‘racist’ remark? After all, Obama is black, and to say anything about someone who is

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27 Aug 2014

Join Us in Sending Golf Tees to Obama

Since 2009, President Obama has played 200 rounds of golf. Since that time, Tiger Woods has played 269 rounds. At Obama’s current pace, he will soon have played more golf than Tiger Woods! Instead of playing so much golf, Obama should read the Constitution and lead this country the way

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15 Jan 2014

With a Pen and Phone Obama Could Confiscate Your Money

The economy is not reviving, but Obama’s pen and phone strategy could solve the economic malaise. Yes, there are some sectors that are doing well. But across the board the economy is struggling. Tens of millions of Americans are no longer in the work force. Black youth unemployment is at

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21 May 2013

Make IRS Criminal Actions be about Liberalism Not Obama

Let me be clear. I do not believe that President Obama will be impeached. He will never admit that he has done anything wrong. If there is any wrong-doing, others will take the blame (or be forced to take the blame). The media will only go so far in attacking

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