Make IRS Criminal Actions be about Liberalism Not Obama

Let me be clear. I do not believe that President Obama will be impeached. He will never admit that he has done anything wrong. If there is any wrong-doing, others will take the blame (or be forced to take the blame).

The media will only go so far in attacking President Obama even though he disdains them and uses them for his own purposes. President Obama is anti-American, and that includes the freedoms found in First Amendment. The media do not care. Their religion is liberalism, and they will follow any god who proclaims it.

Consider this from the liberal folks at It sounds like some members of the media are about to crack:

“The U.S. Justice Department’s secret seizure of phone records of reporters and editors at the Associated Press is nothing less than a continuation of attacks on freedom of the press that have been ongoing under the administration of President Barack Obama.

 AP executive editor Kathleen Carroll stated, “I’ve been in this business more than thirty years, and our First Amendment lawyers and our lawyers inside the AP — and our CEO is also a well-known First Amendment lawyer — none of us have ever seen anything like this.”

Even with this admission, Solon will still support Obama. You can count on it. Consider how the lengthy Solon article concludes:

“Few took notice of the Obama administration’s policies and how they threatened freedom of the press when leaks hysteria took hold of Washington. But, now that an entire establishment news organization is known to have been targeted by the nation’s surveillance state, perhaps, views toward the administration will rightfully sharpen.”

 “Perhaps”? Wow! What decisiveness.

If the Republicans think that they’re going to bring irreparable political harm to the President, they are making a huge mistake. It will never happen.

Republicans need to establish that liberalism is the problem. Obama is the embodiment of liberalism, but when he’s gone in four years, liberalism will still be here. The government bureaucracy will still be run by liberals. 15,000 new IRS agents hired to oversee ObamaCare will still be working with more probably added.

When liberals get into power, they become tyrants. Of course, they don’t think of themselves as tyrants. They truly believe that targeting conservative groups is the right thing to do, because conservatives are not liberals, and because they are not liberals, they are a danger to the nation.

Liberals believe that conservatives must be stopped. If the written law won’t allow agents for the State to do what is necessary, then it’s imperative that the law be gotten around. There are higher principles that must be followed.

Here’s what one very liberal writer at the Daily Kos thinks of conservative groups:

“I would advocate for the hiring of many more Americans to work for the IRS, and not just to target ALL 501(c) groups, but to also audit everyone earning over $1 million a year. Tax evasion is rampant, and it’s primarily the wealthy who are breaking our tax laws by using shell corporations and offshore banking scams. That’s why tax revenues aren’t sufficient enough to fund our growing government; it’s not because there are millions of dishonest and lazy Americans who are gaming the system (just to become depend on government), but because of the excessive greed and corruption at the very top of the food chain.”

The top five percent pay more than 58 percent of federal income taxes. The top 50 percent of taxpayers pay 97.75 percent of federal income taxes. But for liberals, this is not enough “to fund our growing government.”

Liberalism is a cancer. The IRS is an enabling institution made up of quack medical personnel selling political cures concocted by elected officials that are slowly poisoning our nation.

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