Join Us in Sending Golf Tees to Obama

Since 2009, President Obama has played 200 rounds of golf. Since that time, Tiger Woods has played 269 rounds. At Obama’s current pace, he will soon have played more golf than Tiger Woods!

Instead of playing so much golf, Obama should read the Constitution and lead this country the way our founders intended.

Here’s some of what Obama has missed while playing 200 rounds of golf…Obama Golfing

  • The funeral of Major General Harold Greene, who was killed in Afghanistan.
  • Plummeting wages for American workers
  • More working-age Americans losing their jobs.
  • Skyrocketing healthcare insurance costs, energy prices, food prices, and inflation
  • More Americans going on food stamps than ever before in our history.
  • Our unemployment rate continuing to skyrocket.

SEND A “STOP GOLFING” TEE TO OBAMA NOW for just $1.00! (Send one or as many as you want!)

You can also SIGN OUR “STOP GOLFING” PETITION, free of charge.

More of what Obama has missed while playing golf…

  • Our southern border being flooded by a tsunami of illegal immigration.
  • NSA spying on everyone from you to the Chancellor of Germany and the President of Brazil.
  • Our European allies facing economic ruin.
  • The collapse of Iraq; their Prime Minister has staged a military coup, and terrorists are slaughtering thousands of innocent Iraqi minorities.
  • Terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf, Ansar al-Sharia, etc. growing more powerful throughout North Africa and Islamic Asia.
  • Israel under siege from the terrorists of Hamas – who are supported by Turkey, Hezbollah and other Islamic aggressors.
  • Syria falling into civil war – destabilizing Iraq.
  • Russia cutting Ukraine in half and threatening to remake the Old Soviet Empire.
  • China’s aggression with its neighbors setting Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the Philippines on high alert.
  • Ebola ravaging West Africa.
  • Iran continuing its work developing nuclear power.

It’s time to send a powerful (and funny) message to the President, America:

“Stop playing golf and read the Constitution!”

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Golf Tees

SEND A “STOP GOLFING” TEE TO OBAMA NOW for just $1.00! (Send one or as many as you want!)

You can also SIGN OUR “STOP GOLFING” PETITION, free of charge.

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