Emeril Lagasse Says ‘Obama Nonsense’ Killing Restaurant Business

Emeril Lagasse better watch his back. He just said something negative about Barack Obama. Will Twitter light up calling for a boycott of his restaurants? Will he have to go through sensitivity training for a ‘racist’ remark? After all, Obama is black, and to say anything about someone who is black is by definition racist.

Here’s what the TV chef and restaurateur had to say about the restaurant business in the age of Obama and government regulation:

“And then you add all the Obama nonsense to what it’s become in the last several years. I don’t have anything against Mr. Obama. I’m just saying the way that, you know … the government should stay out of things. […] Pretty soon, they’re going to wipe a lot of the middle restaurateurs and restaurant cooks. […] If it continues, then watch: you’re going to have high-end, and you’re going to have fast food, and you’re going to have chain restaurants.”

Should we expect an apology soon? “I didn’t mean to attack the president. I spoke out of frustration. It’s really all George Bush’s fault. Please don’t hurt me. Don’t call for a boycott. I’ll be good.” Is an IRS audit in the works if Emeril doesn’t get his mind right?

Do you think I’m joking? Here’s how Todd A. Price, “dining writer” for, ended his article about the Lagasse interview:

“The statement did not explain how Obama’s policies have specifically affected Lagasse’s restaurants. A representative for Lagasse declined to address follow-up questions about that aspect of the chef’s comments.”

Most politicians have never started, owned, or operated a business. They have no idea what it takes to run a business.

Politicians believe that everybody can be made equal by passing more laws. Regulation is the high point of any politician’s résumé. How many new laws and regulations did he or she put on the books to make life better for all of us?

“It’s becoming a very challenging industry to become a very successful average restaurateur,” Lagasse lamented. “I can’t charge $300 a person in my restaurant or I would not be in business.”

Politicians and the low information voters that support them believe that forcing businesses to pay more so people can earn a living wage will solve America’s income inequality problem.

First, we’re always going to have income inequality. Low paying jobs made me and tens of millions of other people over the years strive to do better. It may have meant more education, learning a trade, or starting a business. People are destined to work all their lives at minimum wage jobs.

Second, government regulation, higher taxes, and mandated wage rates make it harder for businesses to stay in business.

Third, reports are coming in that millionaires and billionaires are hoarding cash. Money is a coward. It looks for a safe haven in times of trouble. Many people with money are afraid to invest in this Federal Reserve boosted economy. They sense a crash.

There’s an undercurrent of frustration by millions of Americans. Many of them are afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation. It remains to be seen what will happen if Emeril Lagasse’s interview gets wider circulation.

Stay tuned.

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