03 Aug 2019

Never Apologize to a ‘Rage Mob’

Never apologize to anyone if you didn’t do anything wrong, especially if you think it will gain you favor in a political dispute. Consider Mario Lopez’s comments about “transgenderism” in a recent interview with conservative pundit Candace Owens: “My God, if you’re three years old and you’re saying you’re feeling

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25 Mar 2019

Anti-Christian Haters Attack Chick-fil-A (Again) and Liberty University’s Basketball Team

You can’t say a word against Muslim extremists who are killing Christians by the dozens every day in many parts of the world. You can’t refuse to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding without being dragged into court. But it’s OK to refuse Chick-fil-A from opening one of its

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29 Oct 2018

Pittsburgh School Board Attacks Chick-fil-A Because of Its Christian Beliefs

The major event over the weekend that took place in Pittsburgh was the murder of Jews who were celebrating a bris at a local synagogue. It’s a tragedy beyond comprehension. These types of murderers are cowards. When things go awry in their lives, they look for a scapegoat to justify their failures.

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31 Aug 2018

What The ‘In-N-Out Burger’ Boycott Tells You About Democrats

When a political party starts attacking private businesses because of the donations they make, it should be over for that political party. The Democrat Party is evil. Have you noticed how Democrats have been slobbering all over themselves at John McCain’s funeral? When he ran against Obama in 2008, McCain was attacked

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30 Nov 2015

Why Weren’t Any PP Employees Shot at PP Facility if the Shooter Was after PP?

At this point in time we do not know if the Colorado shooter targeted the Planned Parenthood facility because of its abortion practices. We’re getting conflicting reports. Some reports have the shooter using the PP facility for cover after a botched bank robbery. CNN and other media outlets are reporting that

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24 Aug 2015

Liberal Lesbian Actress Ellen Page Fails to Stump Ted Cruz with Discrimination Question

Ellen Page decided she would try to sandbag Sen. Ted Cruz on the issue of same-sex sexuality. This was a big mistake. She was disguised to hide her identity. Was this approach wrong? If not, then why would undercover videos of Planned Parenthood practices be wrong? But I digress. Page

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19 Jun 2015

Liberal Toxic Culture Has Made Christians and Churches Easy Targets

The motive in the Charleston church shooting seems to be about the shooter’s perverted view of race. As a result, the media are calling it a racial “hate crime” and that the alleged shooter Dylann Roof was mentally ill, a common way to explain murderous acts these days. It’s all

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24 Jan 2015

Chick-fil-A Booted From Indiana University Campus Because of Same-Sex Marriage Controversy

Your tax dollars are paying for this: “Chick-fil-A has been booted off another campus because a small group of students with voting power disagreed with some of the business’ Biblical beliefs.” If this were a private college that got absolutely no tax money, I would not object. But colleges are

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08 Sep 2014

Chick-Fil-A Founder Truett Cathy Dead at 93

Truett Cathy built a food empire by selling chicken sandwiches and doing it only six days a week. All the Chick-Fil-A stores are closed on Sunday. He died early Monday morning at 93. In the past two years, the highly successful restaurant chain owner and his family became more famous

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16 Apr 2014

CNN’s Peter Bergen Says Those on the Right More Deadly than Jihadists

Peter Bergen is CNN’s national security analyst, a director at the New America Foundation. The New American Foundation is funded by George Soros. Bergen also uses as one of his sources the mega-fundraising radical leftist organization the Southern Poverty Law Center. These associations in and of themselves do not mean

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08 Nov 2013

ENDA Will Put Companies Out of Business and Breed Lawsuits

Being a business owner today is a hazard. There are so many laws and restrictions that it’s getting more difficult to stay in business. There’s a new law coming down the pike — the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) — that’s going to have unforeseen consequences. ENDA is being pushed as

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10 Sep 2013

‘Gay’ Rights Initiatives Mean a Loss of Jobs and Freedoms

If you are a business owner or work for a “gay friendly” company and you speak out against same-sex sex, there’s a good chance that your business will be harassed or as a prospective employee you might not get hired. Consider these stories. You recall the attack on Chick-Fil-A because

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03 Aug 2012

Near Media Blackout on Success of Chick-Fil-A Day

A major United States business had a single-day record amount of sales because tens of thousands of people around the United States stood with them when the media and homosexual groups condemned the company president’s comment that he believed in “traditional marriage,” you know, the type of marriage that 99.9

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02 Aug 2012

Never Be Chicken about Your Beliefs

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day was a huge success. The parking lots were full of cars. The lines were long. The food was great. And not a discouraging word was said from those who participated. I’ve heard that where homosexuals came to demonstrate that they were given food and drinks. Contrast this

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28 Jul 2012

I’m in Shock — ACLU Supports Chick-Fil-A!

When mayors of major cities came out and said that they would deny a business license to Chick-Fil-A because of the beliefs of the president of the company, I wondered if the ACLU would get involved. While the ACLU supports homosexual marriage, and I suspect will also support transgender and

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26 Jul 2012

Liberal Mayors Deny Businesses the Right to Operate in Their Cities

Big-City mayors are attacking Chick-fil-A by threatening to deny them a business license to operate. These liberal mayors don’t like the public stand the owners have taken on defending biblical marriage. This is tyranny of the first order. First it was punishment for “hate crimes,” then it was for “hate

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24 Jul 2012

Support ‘National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day’: July 25th

In response to attacks by the powerful and offensive homosexual lobby, friends of Chick-fil-A are promoting National Eat at Chick-fil-A Day on July 25th and August 1st. I’ll be there on both days. In fact, all the employees at our various businesses will be eating at Chick-fil-A the next two

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07 May 2012

Eat More Liberals

Chick-fil-A has captured the chicken sandwich market with its clever ads showing cows holding and making signs that say “Eat Mor Chikin.” Clever ads, however, are not enough. You’ve got to have a good chicken sandwich, and Chick-fil-A has one of the best and service to match. The homosexual community

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