Liberal Lesbian Actress Ellen Page Fails to Stump Ted Cruz with Discrimination Question

Ellen Page decided she would try to sandbag Sen. Ted Cruz on the issue of same-sex sexuality. This was a big mistake. She was disguised to hide her identity. Was this approach wrong? If not, then why would undercover videos of Planned Parenthood practices be wrong? But I digress.

Page asked Sen. Cruz about discrimination against homosexuals: “What about the question about LGBT people being fired for being gay-trans?” I would have asked her what homosexuals in particular — by name — are being discriminated against.

Ellen Page — an “L” in LGBT — is making a good living. Her net worth is around $14 million. Certainly not Ellen DeGeneres who makes about $65 million a year and is worth around $200 million, or Neil Patrick Harris whose net worth is around $35 million, or Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory who is worth around $40 million and is doing commercials for Intel.

So who in particular is being discriminated against?

Maybe she has in mind same-sex couples who want to get married and think the government should force people who disagree with same-sex marriage to accommodate their faux weddings.

Would she want the government to force a homosexual baker to make a cake for a KKK wedding or a catering service owned by a black family to cater a white supremacist rally? A number of printing companies have refused to print a project one of my companies is working on because of the content of the printed material. None of the content is defaming. It only reports factual material. These printers are within their rights to refuse to print the project.

But because I don’t belong to a protected class, I couldn’t make a legal case against the “discriminating” printing companies because the courts have not carved out special protections for me and my views.

Is Ellen Page aware of how people who oppose same-sex sexuality are being discriminated against? It doesn’t matter if she does know because she believes her position is true and therefore only it should be protected. Dissent is the new discrimination.

Consider what the folks who decide on Airport concessions at the Denver airport are planning to do to a business:

The Denver City Council is reportedly holding up a new concession agreement for Denver International Airport (DIA) because it does not want to approve the operation of a Chick-fil-A. Specifically, some council members do not like the fact that Chick-fil-A executives were critical of same-sex marriage.

There is no evidence that Chick-fil-A has ever discriminated against a homosexual. It’s the organization’s beliefs that are being discriminated against.

This comment caught my attention: “Councilman Paul Lopez called opposition to the chain at DIA ‘really, truly a moral issue on the city.’” What? I thought the entire same-sex marriage narrative was that one person’s view of morality can’t be imposed on another person. The Denver City Council is imposing its view of morality on a business, a business that believes like the majority of Americans believe and the way President Obama believed just a few short years ago.

If it’s OK for pro-homosexuals to impose their morality on other people, then it should be OK for people who oppose same-sex sexuality to impose their view of morality on people who engage in what they believe is immoral behavior.

Ellen Page and all self-admitted homosexuals have made a sexual choice. No one should be forced to accommodate a person’s sexual choice. She has made a choice like Josh Duggar made a choice to commit adultery by signing up on the Ashley Madison site. Should I as an employer be forced to hire him when I oppose his sexual choices? If not, why should I be forced to hire someone who engages in immoral and irrational sexual acts like lesbianism or people who mutilate themselves as transgenders do?

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