Chick-fil-A Booted From Indiana University Campus Because of Same-Sex Marriage Controversy

Your tax dollars are paying for this: “Chick-fil-A has been booted off another campus because a small group of students with voting power disagreed with some of the business’ Biblical beliefs.”

If this were a private college that got absolutely no tax money, I would not object. But colleges are government institutions funded by tax dollars. Chick-fil-A is a business that employs thousands of people, pays its taxes, and has not done anything illegal.

Colleges pride themselves in being institutions which value contrary opinion. This is a huge lie. Universities have been co-opted by leftist ideologues who only support a single position. All contrary opinions are relegated to the trash heap, and when forced to allow a differing opinion, speech codes are implemented and so-called Free Speech Zones are erected.

Young America’s Foundation reports:

Students at Indiana University voted 18-9 to remove Chick-Fil-A from its Bloomington campus, based on concerns over the company’s views on same-sex marriage. In the same meeting the Residence Hall Association voted unanimously to support and establish a residence hall floor for gender blind housing for those who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

No one was forcing students to frequent the highly popular fast food franchise. No one was being discriminated against. Homosexuals, adulterers, and even on-campus secret rapists could eat there.

“Young America’s Foundation’s Matt Shute told PoliticChicks that a university ‘is supposed to support a free medium of ideas, a free discourse and the university itself shouldn’t take sides, especially in something that is as divisive as the gay marriage debate.’

“’This is not about gay marriage,’ he added. ‘It is about what we believe about the free market. People vote with their wallet and consumers should decide who they give their business to. Why on a campus of thousands of students and faculty, should a body of a couple of dozen individuals decide whether or not people have a choice to shop at Chick-fil-A?”

The tyranny of the Left continues. One day these so-called campus leaders will be seeking ways to control what you and I can say and do.

University student government is the training ground for national politics.

Julie Klose makes an excellent point:

“The ramifications of limiting freedom start at the local level even at the local governing body of an educational institution. Students are objecting to this strong arm against a franchise because that is not what our constitutional freedoms and our free market system is all about. Allowing a governing body to take away a business without debate or public discourse is totalitarianism. Haven’t we had enough of government deciding what is and isn’t best for the consumer? And is this really the example we want in our American universities that are supposed to represent free expression and debate in an all-inclusive society?”

As for me and my house, we’ll “Eat Mor Chickin.”

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