Eat More Liberals

Chick-fil-A has captured the chicken sandwich market with its clever ads showing cows holding and making signs that say “Eat Mor Chikin.” Clever ads, however, are not enough. You’ve got to have a good chicken sandwich, and Chick-fil-A has one of the best and service to match.

The homosexual community has taken a disliking to the outspoken Christian company because Chick-fil-A supports traditional marriage and offers counseling seminars to married heterosexual couples and does not support either homosexual relationships or homosexual marriage. Chick-fil-A has donated around $2 million to organizations like the Marriage & Family Legacy Fund, Focus on the Family, Exodus International, and the Family Research Council. All of them oppose the homosexual agenda.

Truett Cathy started the company in 1946. It remains a family-owned business that employs nearly 50,000 workers in more than 1615 locations in 39 states and the nation’s capital. One of the unique business features about Chick-fil-A is that all their stores close on Sunday so its employees can rest and attend worship services if they wish to.

In addition to its business enterprises, Chick-fil-A operates 11 foster care homes in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. The WinShape College Program at Berry College in Rome, Georgia, is a co-op course of study that offers joint four-year scholarship funding to incoming freshmen of up to $32,000. WinShape Camps offers boys and girls summer programs at the college, which will be attended by more than 15,000 campers in 2012.

None of this matters to the Gaystapo. Their goal is to shut down all opposition to their worldview like they’ve done to people who supported the California anti-homosexual marriage bill Proposition 8.

Homosexual activists are now working to kick the restaurant off college campuses across the country. The fact that Chick-fil-A has not given in to pressure sticks in the craw of the homosexual bullies.

If the good folks at Chick-fil-A are willing to give up income on one of the busiest restaurant days of the week (Sunday) — about $500 million — you can bet they’re not afraid of any bad publicity coming from the homosexual cabal. Their strong stand motivates me to eat more chicken at Chick-fil-A.

Other Christian companies and politicians could learn some lessons from Chick-fil-A. Homosexual intimidators think like Islamic radicals. When their opponents apologize and back off, they get even more bold and violent. Standing your ground befuddles a bully.

I would love to see Chick-fil-A post signs that read “Eat Mor Liberals.” The company is too nice to get involved in a war of words. Even so, it would make a good ad campaign and would drive the liberals batty. And I bet that Chick-fil-A would sell even more chicken sandwiches.

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