15 Apr 2017

Trump the new John Kerry?

John Kerry was known as the king of flip-flops. What’s happened in the White House this week?

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13 Apr 2017

Life on the moon of Saturn?

Federal buraucracies run on budgets. Bureaucrats desire bigger budgets. Even the scientists at NASA fall victim to this temptation…

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12 Apr 2017

The Invention of the Catapult and the Rise of the West

The catapult helped to make possible the ancient world’s greatest empires…

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10 Apr 2017

The new Supreme Court Justice, his oath, and what we’ve lost

A new Supreme Court justice must swear two oaths. There is confusion over what the two oaths are, and why he must swear them…

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07 Apr 2017

Liberals writing jokes for Conservatives?

This is the beauty of the free market: no one is being forced to make money catering to the demands of Conservative viewers…

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06 Apr 2017

Is the Federal Reserve exercising its “nuclear option” and initiating its exit strategy?

It seems like this same story surfaces every few years. But is the Fed serious this time? What if it is?

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05 Apr 2017

As faith in the Establishment wanes, Bible skeptics are declining

Recent evidence paints a simple message of good news and hope…

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04 Apr 2017

Why good times may be coming soon for used-car buyers

Signs of trouble in the auto industry can be taken as signs of hope for a certain class of used car buyers…

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03 Apr 2017

Will Trump audit the Fed or side with the bankers?

President Trump is very close to fulfilling one of his campaign promises. If he does, it will be an historical victory for the average American citizen…

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31 Mar 2017

3 Illegal Immigrant Gang Members Charged with Murder of 17-year-old

The oldest gang member is 24 years old. One of the men is already wanted for murder in Maryland.

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30 Mar 2017

The hidden programs bankrupting the country

One of the most amusing things politicians say is when they ask how we are going to fund tax cuts. They act as if the revenue is theirs by natural right. The most obvious course of action never seems to occur to them: cutting the budget.

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29 Mar 2017

Because she used “mankind” instead of “humanity,” her liberal professor subtracted 2 points.

A student used biblical diction, and her professor punished her…

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28 Mar 2017

Trump Trims Overgrowth at the EPA

The EPA is a land-grabbing organization that relentlessly challenges the principle of private property. Trump just took it out to the woodshed.

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27 Mar 2017

Immortality and Musk’s Millennial Hope

The quest for immortality continues. Instead of the fountain of youth in Florida, we’re looking for it in the labs of Silicon Valley…

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24 Mar 2017

75-year-old Bible in the Schools program threatened by “kindergartener”

Did you know that Kindergarten children could sue?

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23 Mar 2017

RyanCare: what would Ron Paul tell us?

Ron Paul is no longer in Congress. But there’s actually a way for us to know exactly what he would tell us about RyanCare…

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22 Mar 2017

Middle school student at failing public school hospitalized after on-campus drug use

The budgets increase. Meanwhile, students suffer…

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21 Mar 2017

Pocahontas to be next President?

A recent poll is pointing to a harsh reality for Conservatives: Elizabeth Warren may be our next President.

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