3 Illegal Immigrant Gang Members Charged with Murder of 17-year-old

The oldest gang member is 24 years old. One of the men is already wanted for murder in Maryland.

The high school student’s body was found lying in the middle of a road. He was Raymond Wood of Fort Hill Community School in Lynchburg, Virginia.

The details are reported by a British tabloid:

Three MS-13 gang members have been charged with second degree murder of a missing teenager.

The body of 17-year-old Raymond Wood was found lying in the middle of Roaring Run Road by a motorist in Bedford County, Virginia, on Monday.

Authorities detained and charged Victor A. Rodas, 19, Jose Corea-Ventura, 21, and Lasandro A. Vasquez, 24, of Maryland, with second-degree murder of Wood.

Police said all three men are known MS-13 gang members and are illegal aliens.

Two of the three occupants in the car, including Corea-Ventura, who is wanted for a murder in Maryland, were determined to be illegal aliens, police said…Corea-Ventura was taken to Blue Ridge Regional Jail and held on the Maryland murder charge.

In addition to their lethal presence in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, MS-13 is also firmly rooted in their home of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

Here in the US, Long Island, specifically Brentwood, seems to be receiving the brunt of MS-13’s deadly force. Eleven gang killings in Suffolk County last year alone were attributed to MS-13.


The friends of the deceased teen are distraught:

Friend, Ali Mays shared the same feelings. Mays and Wood lived on the same street and were very close. Especially in the last year Mays said.

She says the last time she talked to him was just on Sunday, just 24 hours before he was found dead. Their last words to each other: “Stay safe.”

“He put a smile on everyone’s face, he was just a really sweet boy and for something like that to happen to him it’s just sad, he was so polite and respectful and it’s just sad to see his family in this situation,” said Mays.

The three Hispanic men charged with Wood’s murder are members of the MS-13 gang. It originated in Los Angeles in the 1980s when immigrants from El Salvadore banned together to protect themselves from other LA gangs. Today, having spread out throughout the US, they not only engage in drug trafficking, but child prostitution. They have an especially strong presence in DC and the surrounding areas, like Virginia.

The two men who were recently charged with raping a 14-year-old Rockville, Maryland high school student are also thought to be members of the MS-13 gang.

Fighting illegal immigration was number one on Trump’s campaign promises during the election. He has promised to build the wall along the US’s southern border, but the countries listed on his travel ban do not contain El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, or Nicaragua, where recruits to the MS-13 gang seem to originate from.


Gangs are oath-bound organizations. They enforce their membership oaths by threat of violence. In fact, MS-13 is known for some particularly public murders. In 2003, a 17-year-old girl informed on the gang to the FBI about its criminal activities. She turned up dead, stabbed to death by two of her former “friends.”

In 2006, one of the gang’s founding members was murdered. He had declined to attend the party of a fellow gang member, and he had been actively working to keep children out of gangs.

The gang enforces its oath. The gang is a rival institution to God’s covenantal institutions: individual, family, church, and state. Gangs imitate the covenantal structure of God’s institutions. The gang promises rewards for obedience, and penalties for disobedience. Members who irrevocably violate their original membership oath are cut off in history: execution.

The public executions are testimonies to this. It is probably a requirement that the gang’s members enlist fresh recruits to increase the gang’s growth and territory. Wood fell into their net in some way.

The gangs are the beneficiaries of drug wars. They make their income by funneling the drugs into neighborhoods. The drug wars are a product of the enormous money there is to be made in meeting the demand for drugs in America. Demand for drugs in America is suppressed by government laws prohibiting drugs. The laws don’t eliminate the demand. They only raise the price of the drug supply.

South American cartels compete with each other over market share.

Trump doesn’t need to build a wall to keep MS-13 and other gangs out. He only needs to get Congress to decriminalize drugs.

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