25 May 2017

Minnesota Republican shares Jesus with her colleagues, and Liberals go nuts

The critics of Christ always pretend that we can be neutral about this. It’s not a matter of whether you share Jesus or not. It’s about which god you are representing when you speak…

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23 May 2017

Trump’s budget request just $50 billion less than Obama’s

Liberals are appalled by Trump’s budget request. But they are overreacting… 

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19 May 2017

Millennials have discovered the truth, and economists are panicking

They refuse to take the old advice. Economists and financial advisors are convinced the millennials are marching towards their financial doom, but the millennials are marching to the beat of a different drum than their baby-boomer parents…

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18 May 2017

Atheist fabricates Bible verse about women, paints it on his truck, and then claims it’s Christians who make stuff up

Atheists have a bone to pick with God. Sometimes, they just can’t resist taking shortcuts to get their point across, much to their detriment. Just like this guy driving around in Virginia…

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17 May 2017

Stock market sheds 372 points on same day Trump special counsel announced

There may be more at play here than just waning hope that Trump’s tax cuts are going to be passed…

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12 May 2017

Climate change? Blame John Deere.

New data is challenging the global warming agenda. The narrative employed by the global warming movement, however, is not new. The plot is the same. Only the characters have changed. It’s a recycled move out of an old government playbook…

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09 May 2017

For everything that Obama got wrong, he’s right about this

The former President recently gave a speech overseas. What he told his audience should hit us right on the nose. Maybe it’s too raw and too real to say to voters back home…

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08 May 2017

11-year-old black girl suspended from school after being jumped by 8 bullies

Their charter school takes threats seriously, the principal said afterwards. The sheriff’s office and the public school officials both agreed that the threats the bullies made beforehand didn’t warrant expulsion…

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04 May 2017

12 taxes abolished by the GOP Repeal-and-Replace Bill

Today, the House of Representatives passed a modified version of their repeal-and-replace plan that died a few weeks ago. The good news: look at all the taxes it will abolish, assuming the Senate also approves the bill…

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02 May 2017

A Secret Trigger Has Been Discovered That Can Destroy Obamacare — Why Isn’t Trump Pulling it??

With all the talk about repealing and replacing Obamacare, and now with the second round of talks fizzling, Trump is facing a major embarrassment. But he could end the monstrosity tomorrow if he wanted…

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01 May 2017

What happens when a leftist denies global warming?

Not only that, but a leftist who writes for The New York Times…

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27 Apr 2017

Famous movie director announces he believes in aliens

The sixth Alien movie is nearing its theatrical release, and its famous director has shared his thoughts on whether life exists on other planets…

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25 Apr 2017

In wake of recent Arkansas executions, angry blogger calls Biblical justice “stupid”

Arkansas is in the process of carrying out executions of convicted murderers before its supply of lethal-injection drugs expires. One blogger is so angry that he has called the principles of biblical justice “stupid”…

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24 Apr 2017

Christian themes in Disney’s remake of “Pete’s Dragon”

There are reasons the audiences and critics both loved the movie…

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22 Apr 2017

Promises to cut wasteful science funding draw protests

On Earth Day, people gathered in the rain around the Washington Monument, to “fight for planet earth.” They intended to turn it into “an homage for science.”

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20 Apr 2017

Shock study: teaching Conservatives about science removes their Liberal leanings

This kind of news drives the liberals crazy. I find it delightful…

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19 Apr 2017

The Myth of the Uneducated Country Conservative

What’s the cause of all the division in politics? Why isn’t everyone voting like a liberal? It’s because the dissenters are suffering from a serious defect…

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17 Apr 2017

How much money does Trump’s super liberal opponent in Georgia have?

John Ossoff is making waves around the world. He’s a surprise liberal underdog who’s about to rise to prominence in a traditionally Conservative suburb of Atlanta and upset the special election being held there…

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