The Myth of the Uneducated Country Conservative

What’s the cause of all the division in politics? Why isn’t everyone voting like a liberal? It’s because the dissenters are suffering from a serious defect…

Liberals know where to hit you. In their writings about the woes that plague the country, they go for that gut punch that, if unprepared for it, will knock the breath from your chest. They do it subtly, and probably with a little grin on their face.

If you read their articles while at work, then, like the brain ninja, their words slip into the back of your mind and give your cerebellum the furtive katana jab. The next thing you know, you’re having a hard time concentrating on your work because you just feel so bad for some reason.

They know where our treasures lie. They know how to sneak in and rob us blind. That’s because they know the shape of our heart. They know its deepest secrets, desires, and yearnings.

They know these things because they trained us. They taught us how to think and how to feel as children, and so now, as adults, they know how to pluck those emotional strings that, like in the Manchurian Candidate, reawaken that powerful force which they buried deep within us.

I’m talking about the desire to be thought of as an educated person. And the fact that you realize you might not, actually, be one.

Not by the liberal standard, anyway.


Liberals, on the other hand, are concerned about the divide. They promote unity and peace, and they loathe division and disagreement. Especially when the disagreement results in political defeats that cost them power and influence. When they detect people who hold ideas that conflict with the liberal ideal, they move in for the kill. They apply their negative sanctions swiftly to destroy their victims’ confidence. Just like the author in this article:

Across the West, from the U.K.’s Brexit to the rise of Donald Trump in the U.S., societies are dividing along similar fault lines. But we can’t quite agree on how to describe it: Neoliberal centrists vs. antiliberal extremists? Elites vs. populists? Globalists vs. nationalists? The establishment vs. the working class?

Each of those dichotomies captures something about our present moment, but none of them gets at the fundamentals — the sociological core of what we’re all living through, which is a growing socio-cultural chasm pitting the city and the countryside against each other.

Since the time of Aristotle, political philosophers have noted that those who live in cities have a different sensibility than those who live in the countryside…Cities tend to be wealthier than less densely populated areas, but also more stratified, while more rural areas are poorer but more egalitarian. Urban populations also tend to be better educated (and highly skilled) overall, more ethnically diverse (with more immigrants), and less religious, while the countryside is less skilled, more homogeneous (in American terms: white), and more religious (though church attendance even in rural areas appears to be falling).

This is nothing new, as the article notes: the people who live in the cities are wealthier and more educated. The people who live in the country aren’t rich, and they aren’t educated.

Oh, whatever could be the problem? And what’s the solution?

Would it be better if everybody in the city became less educated and poorer, and thus vote Conservatively? Or would it be better if everybody in the country became more educated and richer, and thus vote Progressively?

Hmm, now let me think…


This is why the myth of neutrality in education is so pernicious. Not only do those unsuspecting country folk (wherever they are), but most everyone else also thinks their children’s public school education curriculum is “neutral.” That means it’s not inherently good, or bad. But that’s a myth because the very purpose of education is to teach people how to recognize what’s true and what isn’t.

The greatest Greek philosophers, Plato and Socrates, believed in absolute truth. Martin Luther King, Jr., wrote that “Education should enable us to ‘weigh and consider,’ to discern the true from the false, the relevant from the irrelevant, and the real from the unreal.”

So, then, what is truth? Here’s an answer: “Jesus said to him, I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

If Jesus is truth, and the point of education is to teach people how to recognize truth, then the point of education is to teach people to recognize Jesus. Therefore, any educational system that teaches people differently is immoral.


Education, at bottom, is religious, because truth is religious. Right and wrong are predicated on what is true and what is false. Public school education teaches that certain ideas are true which contradict the testimony of Scripture, such as the Big Bang Theory of origins and that it is okay to steal if it’s done by majority vote.

So, if the modern public school curriculum is not, in fact, neutral, and actually biased towards the liberal worldview, and if liberal arts college curriculums are also biased towards the liberal worldview…

…then the longer you spend in these education curriculums, the more liberal you are likely to become.

So, when articles like this say that urban city dwellers are “more educated,” and they tend to vote more liberally, all they are saying is that they have spent more time getting indoctrinated by liberals.

Look, if a person spent 20 years getting indoctrinated by Communists into the goodness of the Communist worldview, then we would expect them to come out of the system as hardcore Communists.


People want to be educated. It is good to be educated. The Presbyterian Reformers in Scotland in the 1500s built schools everywhere and revolutionized that country’s fate because they believed in the importance of teaching everyone how to read the Bible. Liberals play off of this innate desire. They say the deficiency with Conservative voters is that they aren’t educated enough.

In reality, what they mean is that they haven’t received enough liberal indoctrination. If they had, they would vote for liberal political policies. The liberals gained control over the public schools by the beginning of the 20th century. They control the curriculum because they realize their power depends on controlling the thinking and worldview of the next generation of voters. This is why they teach that public school education is the most important thing a person can seek in their life. Parents who don’t send their children to public schools are evil people, they want us to believe.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t let the liberals get the best of you. If you were passed through the fires of the liberal education system and somehow came out on the other side with your Conservative values intact, count yourself blessed.

Because it wasn’t designed to let that happen.

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