Democrats: If You Don’t Vote for this Woman, You are Anti-Woman

The special election in the 6th congressional district in Georgia is headed for a runoff. In what has been described as a “Jungle Primary,” if any one candidate did not get 50 percent of the vote, the two top vote-getters would meet in a final election.

The supposed Trump-slayer, Jon Ossoff, a Democrat, got 48 percent of the vote after spending more than 8 million dollars. He was backed by the Democrat Party, Planned Parenthood, and the leftist Hollywood community that poured money into the District.

There were 11 GOP candidates trying to capture the seat that was held by Tom Price who is now serving in the Trump administration as Secretary of Health and Human Services. In addition to the 11 GOPers, there were a few lesser known Democrats and Independents — 18 candidates in all. This was hardly a bellwether election. Trump only won the district by two percentage points.

Even so, liberals have declared it a win even though their candidate could not garner the necessary 50 percent margin. Here’s how Jamelle Bouie of Slate Magazine described the election result.

“Georgia’s 6th Is a Democratic Win Even if Jon Ossoff ultimately loses.”

Sounds like new math. Bouie and other leftists are glorying over the margin of the loss — only two percentage points — in a district that was handily won when Price last ran.

I don’t know who will win in the runoff, but I do know that if Democrats don’t vote for the GOP candidate — Karen Handel — they are anti-woman. Here’s their chance to put their pro-woman position on the line. A woman is running for Congress against a rich white man who does not even live in the district.

For all their talk about equal pay, the glass ceiling, and women in the board room, it’s all empty rhetoric. The same is true when it comes to race. For liberals, it’s all about power. As long as the right woman or the right black person gets elected in order to extend the reach and the power of the State is all that matters. And by “right” I mean “far left.” Women and minorities are political pawns. They are needed to grow government and empower an entrenched bureaucracy.

Don’t misunderstand me. Republicans follow a different script but with a similar goal. Republicans have used the religious vote to their advantage because they knew there was no viable alternative. There is not a single Democrat worth voting for, and if there was one, he or she would get swallowed up by Democrat steamroller politics.

So here’s an election where Democrats have the opportunity to put their vote where their rhetoric is.

The runoff election is on June 20, 2017.

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