18 Mar 2017

The trouble approaching New Jersey union members

“Retirement” will become a thing of the past…

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17 Mar 2017

Basketball players assaulted for wearing cultural hairbraids?

Just because it’s “March Madness” doesn’t mean the players literally have to lose their minds…

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16 Mar 2017

New evolutionary theory sounds strangely biblical

A 400,000-year-old fractured human skull has been found. But the conclusion it’s driving represents a total paradigm shift for the evolutionary model.

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15 Mar 2017

Pro-Choice Texas Congresswoman uses taxpayer money to insult our intelligence

Liberals become apoplectic when Conservatives oppose murdering babies.

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14 Mar 2017

The going rate for pot candy in high school: $10 per gummy

Not old enough to buy pot gummies in the store? Good news, there’s a solution: get them at your local high school.

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13 Mar 2017

The hidden dilemma at the heart of “Arrival”

It’s not the aliens or the plot twist that will make you come away from Arrival with a sense of disappointment…

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11 Mar 2017

Even without tax cuts, Congress has reduced federal intrusion in our lives in last 6 years

Conservatives in Congress over the last few years have actually done something that increased our liberty.

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10 Mar 2017

Even super-smart scientists suffer lapses in logic

Renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking recently gave an interview where he talked about humanity’s prospects for the future. He addressed a couple of serious concerns.

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09 Mar 2017

Republicans are about to take a tremendous risk that could strip them of their power

The Republicans have released their repeal-and-replace healthcare plan. Here’s what you need to know.

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08 Mar 2017

Are they serious? Another ridiculous attack on Trump.

When assaults on Trump’s cabinet members fail to interest readers, the liberal news media turns to attacking him where they think it must hurt most: his food preferences.

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07 Mar 2017

Is this lady about to trigger the next recession?

Fact: recessions happen. Fact: on average, they arrive 58 months after the last recession. Final fact: it’s been 73 months since the last one.

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06 Mar 2017

Liberal actress Ashley Judd insults rape victims with recent political remarks

Ashley Judd is a beautiful, talented actress who made news recently when she made some very poor decisions in public.

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04 Mar 2017

The looming disaster facing these six states because of laws they recently passed

Bureaucrats and politicians should be required by law to be trained on the Law of Unintended Consequences. If they were, they wouldn’t vote to pass laws like this…

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03 Mar 2017

50% of college students think you will pay for their student loans

There are 44 million Americans carrying student loan debt. Most are delusional…

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02 Mar 2017

Disney tosses bone to LGBT lobby in remake of classic family film

The headlines are clear: Disney’s first ‘exclusively gay moment’ hits screens in Beauty and the Beast…

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01 Mar 2017

Incredible how far this liberal singer is willing to go to remove Trump

If you’ve watched any of the awards shows this season, then you’ve been subjected to your fill of anti-Trump rhetoric from the Hollywood elite. But this is absurd…

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Trump punches the media
28 Feb 2017

“You can’t do this to us!” Trump just hit the liberal media where it counts

Newspapers depend on advertising revenue to earn a profit. If they have no news to report, they lose money. Trump just punched them in the gut…

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Say no to net neutrality
27 Feb 2017

Good news for defenders of Internet freedom. Sorry, Progressives.

As of June 2016, there appeared to be nothing but storm clouds gathering over the issue of Internet liberty. Then, in January, out of nowhere, came a ray of hope…

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