28 Sep 2017

“He’s Dangerous” – Why this Christian man from Alabama is making liberals tremble

“He’s dangerous.” Those are their words, not mine…

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23 Sep 2017

The SPLC Strikes Again – Another Christian Group’s Funds Choked Off

In a display of hypocritical intolerance, it seems the liberals are using their influence and “unbiased” judgment to cut off the flow of funds to Christian groups. . . .

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18 Sep 2017

Marvel Comics and Eastern Mysticism – At Home with Disney

Marvel’s cinema hits combine elements of Western evolution with eastern mysticism. But that’s not why they are successful…

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16 Sep 2017

Global Warming Liberals and Some Christians Agree: The End Times Approach

The world is going to end. The main question is “How?” The next question is, “Will there be signs that the end is coming soon?”

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15 Sep 2017

The scientific facts contradict the climate change faith

The proof that global warming exists, we are told, is that violent natural disasters like hurricanes are increasing. But is that really true?

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14 Sep 2017

Does Mother Nature have a Ph.D. In Global Warming?

Liberal Hollywood actors and global-warming scientists want us to believe that “Nature” is also a liberal. But their argument is unsound….

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13 Sep 2017

Preaching liberal religion at the Hurricane Irma benefit concert

In 2005, the blacks in New Orleans were victims — possibly of George W. Bush if Kanye West was to be believed. But in 2017, the citizens of Houston were said to have deserved the climatic disaster that befell their city…

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07 Sep 2017

An economic health indicator just flashed yellow

The capital city of a rich Blue state is begging for a bailout from the state legislature because bankruptcy is imminent. The problem is, the state has its own budget issues to deal with…

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05 Sep 2017

BOOTLEG VIDEO CLIP: High school teacher tells student “Make America Great Again” t-shirt as offensive as Nazi swastika!

A Georgia high-school teacher ejected two students from her classroom. She made them turn their Trump t-shirts inside out. It was caught on video. . . .

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30 Aug 2017

How to legally slander someone’s good name and not get prosecuted

This is a true horror story. The justice system protects you from liars who would damage your reputation by telling lies about you. But now, as truth becomes relative, your rights are in jeopardy. Richard Simmons recently discovered this…

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25 Aug 2017

Playboy heir brings back mom for photo shoot

When a culture abandons the ethics of the Bible — yes, even those set forth in Leviticus — very weird things start to happen.

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23 Aug 2017

Recent “Big data” project raising serious doubt over veracity of climate change models

What would happen if you fed hundreds of years of climate data into a neural network? What if you then asked it to predict how the climate would change beginning in the 1800s, before the Industrial Revolution arrived? Someone has done just that. The results are astonishing…

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21 Aug 2017

Another chink appears in evolution’s armor

The universities are controlled by liberals, and they set the proper bounds of discussion. But one of them fired a creationist, and in doing so have revealed a weakness in their position…

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16 Aug 2017

Iceland solves the Down syndrome problem the way Hitler solved the Jew problem

A recent CBS report has stirred up passionate emotions. It reports on the very, very low number of babies born with Down syndrome in Iceland…

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14 Aug 2017

How big would the government’s budget be in a Christian theocracy?

I have never seen anyone attempt to answer this question…

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07 Aug 2017

The battle for our children’s minds — How to achieve victory by evacuation

In the aftermath of the Dunkirk evacuation, Churchill preached caution to his countrymen in his famous “We shall fight on the beaches” speech. He warned that “Wars are not won by evacuations.” But that’s not always true…

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05 Aug 2017

The State Tax Cut “Failure” That Was Really a Success

In June, Kansas state Republicans voted to raise taxes after slashing them heavily in 2012. They actually overturned the governor’s veto against the plan. Liberals call this a failed experiment in low taxes, but they are blind…

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03 Aug 2017

Weekly White House Bible Study Inflaming the Atheists

A group of some of the most influential policy makers of the Executive Branch are attending a weekly Bible study in the White House. Now, the atheists are upset. . . .

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