“He’s Dangerous” – Why this Christian man from Alabama is making liberals tremble

“He’s dangerous.” Those are their words, not mine…

A recent article at Bloomberg gets straight to the point. The liberals are scared to death of Roy Moore, a former Alabama judge who is running for the U.S. Senate:

Roy Moore is more extreme than you think — and his candidacy for a U.S. Senate seat is not a joke, but a serious threat to the Constitution and the rule of law. The shenanigans that got Moore thrown out of office as the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court — twice! — were more than just acts of civil disobedience on behalf of evangelical religion. Both times, Moore intentionally defied and denied the authority of the U.S. courts to have the final say on the Constitution. That’s the core principle on which our legal system rests.

The author goes on to say that Moore’s view is “also dangerous.” He claims that Moore asserted that “as an official of Alabama he was not bound by the U.S. Constitution.”

That’s not the full picture. What Moore is saying is that he is not bound by the U.S. Constitution when it asks its citizens to violate biblical law. When you put it like that, it’s clear why the liberals start trembling.


Roy Moore is a former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. At Wikipedia we read:

Moore was elected to the position of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2001, but removed from his position in November 2003 by the Alabama Court of the Judiciary for refusing to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments commissioned by him from the Alabama Judicial Building, despite orders to do so by a federal court…

Moore was again elected Chief Justice in 2013, but was suspended in May 2016, for directing probate judges to continue to enforce the state’s ban on same-sex marriagedespite the fact that it had been overturned. Following an unsuccessful appeal, Moore resigned in April 2017, and announced that he would be running for the United States Senate seat…

If Moore wins the Senate seat, especially after getting into so much “trouble” as a former judge, then he will inspire others. The New York Times reports:

More important, the win by Mr. Moore, a no-compromise candidate in the vanguard of a series of challengers to sitting Senate Republicans, is likely to push nervous incumbents to the right to try to fend off aggressive attempts to unseat them.

Most people probably don’t think about law in these terms, but it’s important to understand it this way to get to the heart of why the left-wing is so scared. So here’s the bottom line: God is the law-giver.


In Christianity, God is the creator of the universe and everything in it. As creator, he is also the owner. As owner, he makes the rules. He established what we refer to as the “laws of nature,” but he also gave mankind a set of rules to live by. They are summarized in the Ten Commandments, which Moore has a history of respecting.

If a culture is Christian, then it is acknowledging God as the lawgiver. It recognizes that our laws need to be consistent with his.

He prohibits murder in the 6th Commandment, therefore so do our laws. He prohibits theft in the 8th Commandment, therefore so do our laws. Establishing laws that allow behaviors that God prohibits is flagrant disobedience.

If we legalize murder or theft, this is liable to make Him angry, which will eventually draw His wrath. He will bring judgment against such a nation so bold to stand against Him. So, we don’t pass laws that go against those which God established for societies unless we want to bring hard times upon our heads.

But if a culture is not Christian, then it is implicitly acknowledging that there is a different lawgiver. Those laws come from a different god, a rival god to the Triune God of Christianity.

In humanism, there is no supernatural God who is transcendent to his creation, but also present within it. There is only humanity as the chief form of intelligence in the universe (or at least on this planet). That means humanity is the rival god.

The Constitution of the United States states this quite clearly up front: “We the people of the United States” establish the Constitution, this nation’s supreme law of the land.


Roy Moore has the liberals trembling because he has spent a large portion of his career applying Christianity in the civic realm.

As a judge, it is true that he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution. But as a Christian, he was baptized, and that baptism is a much more powerful oath of allegiance, sworn to a much higher lawgiver.

If the Constitution and its branches threaten to force tyranny onto its citizens, then who will stand against that?

Moore understands the definition of tyranny: forcing people to obey laws that violate God’s laws. Moore is first and foremost a representative of God, the supreme lawgiver. If anyone forces unbiblical laws onto people, then God’s representatives are empowered to refuse to enforce them.

That’s because, in the Christian worldview, any authority that establishes unbiblical laws automatically loses its legitimacy.

That’s what Moore has repeatedly done in his career: acknowledged that he serves a higher power than the US Constitution. He has exposed those who use it to harass American citizens, and by doing so he has called their legitimacy into question by the voters.

This is why liberals are scared. They don’t want other Christians to become emboldened by Moore’s example. They don’t want them realizing that they are morally justified in rejecting Federal authority at the local level when it exceeds its moral bounds.

This would undermine the liberals’ source of power. Strip them of their power, and you strip them of their influence.

Man forbid.

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