11-year-old black girl suspended from school after being jumped by 8 bullies

Their charter school takes threats seriously, the principal said afterwards. The sheriff’s office and the public school officials both agreed that the threats the bullies made beforehand didn’t warrant expulsion…

This girl was the victim of bullying. She has been picked on. She was victimized, so the school punished her and protected the bullies. The article reports the details:

Breona Bradley thought she chose a safe option by placing her daughter, Makiyha, into a charter school instead of the regular elementary and middle schools assigned to her Jacksonville neighborhood.

Now she doubts that. Charter schools, she said recently, can have the same issues with bullying as district schools and the way they handle it can be just as frustrating.

But trouble started this school year with a new student who targeted Makiyha and got other students involved in bullying, she said.

“Every day she was being called fat, being called a b—, being called a dog or a ho’. This is what my daughter hears every day,” Bradley said.

Recently, in mid-April, an Instagram page appeared on some students’ cell phones. The page was supposed to look like Makiyha created it – it had her picture – but her name was misspelled.

In the text Makiyha appeared to be threatening to “shoot up” the school.

Police were called. Bradley explained that Makiyha had sent that photo to a school friend. Bradley warned school and police that the bullying was getting worse; some students had threatened to “jump” Makiyha.

It wasn’t an idle threat. The next day in gym, a group of eight girls and boys “jumped” Makiyha, hitting and kicking her. A teacher grabbed one student but the brawl spread into the hallway, partially caught on school video, Bradley said.

Makiyha suffered bruises and a red face, but her feeling of safety was gone, Bradley said. Since the fight, Makiyha cries in her sleep.

Bradley tried unsuccessfully to file a battery charge against the students and tried to get the ringleader expelled. But the school suspended Makiyha for five days for participating in the fight.



The school principal suspended this young girl for trying to defend herself. Why?

In Florida, according to the state Board of Education budget documents, each student was worth approximately $4,154.45 for the 2015-2016 school year (“base allocation,” see page 19). That value is multiplied by 1.0117 for Duval county, which comes to $4,203.06. If the charter school expelled those 8 bullies, it would lose approximately $33,000. That’s almost an entire teacher’s salary. But then they’d have to deal with the teacher’s union for laying off a teacher.

On the other hand, if the 11-year-old victim leaves, the school will only lose an eighth of that ($4,200).

Because of the financial incentive to maintain as high of an enrollment as possible to maximize funding, bullies get their way in school. The good kids — the victims — are discouraged from fighting back because typically the punishment for doing so is just as severe as it is if you are the bully who starts the fight — as in this case here.

The negative sanctions for “fighting” are typically something that is terrifying to the victim — and meaningless to the bully.

The punishment is usually something like suspension or expulsion. The result? Assignments are missed, and instead of getting regular grades the child suspended receives zeros: failing grades.

School principals — your “pals” — are anything but. They never expel the bully; he gets a free pass. He probably doesn’t care about his grades anyway. The bully (or bullies) knows he’s untouchable by the administration. He knows that the good kids who care about their grades are conditioned to not fight back because bad grades mean jeopardizing your college career. Which may jeopardize your professional career and interfere with your ability to make a living.


This is how the establishment, humanist education system likes it. They train their little soldiers to fall in line and obey orders. They teach them to never fight back — only to obey. Hand over your watch, or your lunch, or take a hit to the jaw if you must, but you must never fight back or you could suffer a permanent, irreversible black mark on your academic record.

This is how perverted the public school system is. The bullies get their way. The victimized children walk the halls in fear and submission. The administrators and teachers do nothing. Even worse, the parents of the children do nothing either. Their kids can’t get into a good college if they have bad grades on their record, after all.

The establishment trains everyone very well in the 12 years or more that they spend with our children for 8 hours a day, five days a week.

The solution?

Homeschool. Parents should pull their children out. Any parent of a child who is being victimized by bullies should remove their child from the system immediately. If they would rather their child be the victim of bullies instead of providing them a safe environment with a high-quality homeschool curriculum, then the parent has a broken sense of morality.

I recommend the Ron Paul Curriculum.

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