75-year-old Bible in the Schools program threatened by “kindergartener”

Did you know that Kindergarten children could sue?

In 1939 in West Virginia, during the Great Depression, a group of people came together to begin offering Bible classes in Bluefield High School. Their program was popular, so it spread. Other schools brought the classes into their own programs. The group was careful to follow the Supreme Court’s guidelines. It was funded by donations.

Then, in 1986, the program fell under the Mercer County Board of Education. They took over all responsibilities for the teaching except for the money. That was still left for others to provide. That’s the way things remain: the communities donate the money which supports the program.

It’s popular. In October of 2016, the organization raised $27,000 for the 19 schools it serves. They reach over 4,000 students per year.


Now, the program has been threatened. By a kindergarten student, no less, who hasn’t even gone through the program yet. Here are the details:

A kindergartner is battling county officials in federal court over Bible classes in public school.

In a federal lawsuit filed in January, Jane Doe, a pseudonymous plaintiff who is the mother of Mercer County, W.Va., kindergartner Jamie Doe, challenged the county’s “Bible in the Schools” program, saying it was unconstitutional.

In a federal lawsuit filed in January, Jane Doe, a pseudonymous plaintiff who is the mother of Mercer County, W.Va., kindergartner Jamie Doe, challenged the county’s “Bible in the Schools” program, saying it was unconstitutional.

“This program advances and endorses one religion, improperly entangles public schools in religious affairs, and violates the personal consciences of nonreligious and non-Christian parents and students,” said the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia.

The program doesn’t advertise itself as teaching religion. It teaches the Bible as literature. They emphasize the historical setting in the stories, they study its literary style and structure, and they investigate its relevance to life.

A Supreme Court Justice in 1963 said that such an objective approach to the study of the Bible was valid within the public school environment. The organization has been operating under his guidelines.

But now, the program is being challenged on the grounds that the class is unconstitutional and violates personal consciences.


If you want to talk about violating personal consciences, how about the consciences of daughters who have to go to the same bathrooms as young men because the young men say they identify as female? Revoking that hideous monstrosity of a law was one of the best things President Trump has done so far.

The point of the battle is over who has legal control over the hearts and minds of the children. The Bible says the parents do. The liberals and Federal government say the Federal government does. The public schools teach a rival religion to Christianity.

It is funded by the State. The State preaches a rival religion.


Instead of personal creation out of nothing by a sovereign, loving God, the public school teaches the impersonal cosmic Big Bang: something out of nothing.

Rather than teaching that the Bible is the unchanging, authoritative Word of God in history, it teaches the absolute authority of evolved mankind as the ruler of history based on his ability to harness reason and science.

Instead of God’s Bible-revealed law to tell us what is good and evil, right and wrong, public school teaches children that the laws governing nature arose out of the Big Bang. Mankind (the really smart ones) can interpret this law by his powers of reason (and science). The laws governing mankind, however, are created by a handful of the really smart people (government bureaucrats and politicians) for the good of all the others (you and me).

Instead of explaining that bad things happen to bad people, the public schools teach our children that bad things happen to people who obey the Bible.

Lastly, instead of teaching that the meek shall inherit the earth, public school teaches our children that the only people who will inherit the earth are those who can get the most votes.


Public education has been taken over by the liberals. They use the power of politics to force Christian families to fund the teaching of anti-Christian education. It’s time that the Christians pull the plug on the failing system. If Christians pulled their children out of the public schools tomorrow, the system would collapse overnight. It would be the liberals’ worst nightmare.

They should pull their kids out. “Bible in the Schools” should become “Bible for Home Schools.”

Will this “kindergartener” win the case? Probably so. The program, no matter how well they try to play by the rules, must recognize they’re playing by the rules set by their enemies. The game is rigged against them.

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