13 Dec 2014

Meet the ‘Most Conservative’ Congressman Who ‘Went Turbo’ by Voting for CROmnibus

I’m watching Wreck it Ralph (2012) as I’m writing this. Ralph wrecks things. Felix fixes what Ralph wrecks. Ralph doesn’t like his bad guy image, so he “goes turbo” to get a medal to join Felix who gets a medal all the time. “Going turbo” is a bad thing in the

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26 Aug 2014

Native Americans Love the Redskins but Should Hate Washington

A Muslim woman was offended because of a “Bacon” sign that was posted by Sneakers Bistro, a local restaurant in Winooski, Vermont. It read “Yield for Sneakers Bacon.” It was a street sign that was part of a city beautification program. The owner took it down so as not to

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29 Jul 2014

Shut Up About the Impeachment of Obama

Sarah Palin is till talking about impeachment. Please make her stop. Impeachment proceedings won’t stop Obama’s lawlessness, since he will not be impeached given the makeup of Congress. The Democrats are raising money on the threat of impeachment. They are praying that the Republicans go forward with impeachment. It’s just

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09 Jul 2014

Why the Impeachment of Obama is a Bad Idea

If you ever played a team sport, you’ll understand this analogy. When you have a pitcher who is not throwing strikes, what does the coach tell his batters? Don’t swing until he throws a strike. When a man is walked on four straight balls, the next batter knows not to

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17 Jan 2014

Liberal Intolerance Says Only Liberals Can Marry Outside their Race and Wish Death to Conservatives

First it was the Romney family that liberal and black racists condemned one of Mitt Romney’s sons from adopting a black baby. It was described as kidnapping by some. Of course, nothing was ever said about Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Jillian Michaels, Michelle Pheiffer, Mariska Hargitay, Jane Fonda,

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27 Dec 2013

Liberal Attacks Sarah Palin for Having a Christmas Tree in Her Home

When I first heard this story, I thought it was some nutty environmentalist. Maybe some tree hugger was upset with Sarah Palin because she and her family chapped down an oxygen-giving evergreen conifer only to burn it a few weeks later with the result that the gasses would end up

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20 Dec 2013

Why Firing Phil Robertson Is Not a Censorship or First Amendment Issue

There’s a great deal of misinformation going around concerning A&E’s reaction to Phil Robertson’s comments about same-sex sex. Even Sarah Palin (“Free speech is an endangered species”) and Gov. Bobby Jindal (“I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment”) have gotten it wrong. Even Mark Levin is wrong

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19 Dec 2013

Attack on Phil Robertson is an ‘Attack on All of Us’

By now you know what Phil Robertson said about sin – same-sex sinful behavior and other sins. You may not know that he did not say anything about a group of people who designate themselves as “gay.” The Bible’s prohibition of same-sex sex applies to everybody. Hopefully you knew that

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20 Nov 2013

Why Cher Hates Sarah Palin and Called Her the C-Word

Liberals are always talking about the war on women. Nonsense. Abortion alone kills more women every year than car accidents, school shootings, and drug overdoses. Liberal rhetoric about conservative women is downright abusive. Liberals are at war with women who challenge their ideology. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan attacked suburban

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15 Nov 2013

Al Sharpton Blasts Sarah Palin for Making Debt-Slavery Comparison

Sarah Palin compared the federal debt to slavery. Al Sharpton took immediate offense: “Our federal debt is like slavery? Slavery was horrific, vile, a vile practice that was explicitly based on race. So it’s hard to avoid sounding racist when you make comparisons like that. This kind of talk has

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25 Jan 2013

Hillary Clinton Protected from Combat Because She’s a Woman

Leon Panetta announced that female military personnel will now be allowed to engage in combat. They will be permitted to take frontline positions in a war. They’ll be able to get blown to bits just like men. But that’s only in war. At the same time this announcement was being

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19 Nov 2012

Democrat Congresswomen Cry ‘Racism’ and ‘Sexism’

For all their talk about equal rights, equal pay, job parity, and breaking through the glass ceiling, Democrats are the biggest hypocrites. Proof of this can be seen in the way they treat conservative women whether black or white and how they attack any criticism of other Democrat women. They

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26 Oct 2012

Is “Shuck and Jive” Racist? Only if You’re a Conservative?

If you are not a native English speaker, learning English can be terribly difficult since it’s a language made up of many languages. Words and phrases that were unique to one culture have become part of the English language – everything from the French bon appetite to slang like “bling,”

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28 Mar 2012

Evidence that Freedom of Speech Only Applies to Liberals

The New Black Panther Party is offering a $10,000 bounty for a citizen’s arrest of George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is accused of murdering Trayvon Martin. There have also been death threats against Zimmerman and his family. This is not free speech even though it’s being treated that way. The so-called New Black

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04 Jan 2012

Who Voted for Ron Paul in Iowa and Why?

There are four categories of Ron Paul voters. The first category is made up of true Paul supporters. They vote for Paul because they truly believe in his platform. We don’t know how many true Paulian believers there are since they are disproportionally vocal, visible, and determined, a good set

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