Shut Up About the Impeachment of Obama

Sarah Palin is till talking about impeachment. Please make her stop. Impeachment proceedings won’t stop Obama’s lawlessness, since he will not be impeached given the makeup of Congress.

The Democrats are raising money on the threat of impeachment. They are praying that the Republicans go forward with impeachment. It’s just what the Democrats need to boost their base and boost donations:

“The Democrats’ congressional campaign arm pulled in $2.1 million in online donations over the weekend — the best four-day haul of the current election cycle — largely propelled by fundraising pitches tied to speculation that House Republicans could pursue the impeachment of President Obama.

“Democrats have consistently used impeachment — a prospect that has been floated by several prominent conservatives but has not been embraced by most of the Republican establishment — to fill their campaign coffers, and their polling has shown that fear of an impeachment attempt as well as the House GOP’s efforts to sue Obama have the potential to drive midterm voter turnout on the left.”

In fact, they Dems want it so much that they are the ones talking about it more than the Republicans. They believe an attempt to impeach their beloved leader will be a winner for them in November.

Politico reports:

“Something very strange is happening on Capitol Hill. Democrats can’t talk enough about impeaching a president of their own party. And Republicans keep saying that there isn’t a chance they’ll give it a try.”

I agree with Rush Limbaugh that Obama is trying “‘very hard’ to coax Republicans into impeaching him. . . . It’s so obvious, he’s not fooling anybody.”

U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) told WND, “President Obama is begging to be impeached. . . . He wants us to impeach him now, before the midterm election because his senior advisers believe that is the only chance the Democratic Party has to avoid a major electoral defeat. Evidently Obama believes impeachment could motivate the Democratic Party base to come out and vote.”

The American people are finally catching on that President Obama is a disaster. His approval rating is around 39 percent.

Even some in the media are turning against him, although not enough to make broader national headlines and front page news.

Democrats in Red states don’t want to be seen with Obama.

Impeachment proceedings would take a long time, energize the Democrat base, and draw attention away from the border disaster, the IRS scandal, the floundering economy, international weakness, and Obama’s overall incompetency (or competency as someone who wants to change America from the inside and is doing a very good job in accomplishing his goal).

Why would we want to do this?

Some people claim it’s the principle that matters even if the attempt fails. There are other ways to win on principle that have a better chance of success and a long lasting effect.

Black Americans would see the impeachment of President Obama as a reinforcement of the false meme that Republicans are racists. They only oppose Obama and his policies because he’s black.

The media would shift attention away from the scandals that they are finally reporting on and concentrate on how the GOP is obstructionist and racist.

So let’s drop any talk of impeachment and keep our eye on the ball.

Impeachment doesn’t get us anywhere. We must work to rid Congress of establishment Republicans like Lamar Alexander in Tennessee and keep Democrat Michelle Nunn from winning a Senate seat in Georgia. Voter turnout in Georgia primaries and runoffs was low. There is no way to win if our people don’t vote. Too many have given up on the system when it is most vulnerable. Republicans and Democrats want us discouraged and kept off balance.

Impeachment talk is easier than getting people to the polls to vote. Voting is where elections are won.

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