Hillary Clinton Protected from Combat Because She’s a Woman

Leon Panetta announced that female military personnel will now be allowed to engage in combat. They will be permitted to take frontline positions in a war. They’ll be able to get blown to bits just like men. But that’s only in war.

At the same time this announcement was being made, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was being questioned by members of Congress over the Benghazi disaster where four Americans were brutally killed by a planned Islamic attack.

The Democrats are in full protection mode with Hillary. The media are denouncing the bullying approach taken by the Republicans.

A similar thing happened with United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice. When Republicans wanted answers from her about Benghazi, women’s groups and race baiters called out the dogs. They accused Republicans of ganging up on her because she is a woman, and not just a woman, but a black woman.

For all their talk about equal rights, equal pay, job parity, and breaking through the glass ceiling, Democrats are the biggest hypocrites. Proof of this can be seen in the way they treat conservative women whether black or white and how they attack any criticism of other Democrat women.

They want to be paid like men but they are not willing to take criticism like men.

In order to protect one of their own, to silence the opposition in an attempt to cover for Ms. Rice from scrutiny that might damage President Obama, Democrat women attacked Republicans:

“The incoming chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus – Rep. Marcia Fudge, a Democrat from Cleveland – accused Sen. John McCain of ‘sexism and racism’ for criticizing UN Ambassador Susan Rice for going on five Sunday talk shows and claiming the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi was a spontaneous reaction to a video posted on YouTube.”

Fudge claimed that “sexism and racism” are the real reason Rice is being attacked. Not to be outdone, Rep. Gwen Moore, another Democrat, “said that McCain and other ‘men’ should not be allowed to ‘attack’ or ‘batter this woman’ Rice.” “Not allowed”? Does she want a law passed? The First Amendment was specifically designed to allow criticism of people in power without legal retaliation.

How many Democrats stood up for Clarence Thomas when he was attacked and battered? I don’t recall any. Where were these Democrat women when Condeleezza Rice and Sarah Palin were repeatedly savaged by their fellow-Democrats?

Hillary Clinton was called on to do a man’s job. She needs to take it like a man or go back to baking cookies.

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