09 Apr 2018

Michelle Obama Says that Barack was the “Good Parent” to the Nation

Former first lady Michelle Obama spoke at a women’s leadership conference where she compared her husband’s presidency to “the good parent.” It “was like having the ‘good parent’ at home,” the former first lady said. “The responsible parent, the one who told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time.”

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01 Mar 2017

Will We Learn the Truth About Obama’s Birth Certificate and College Transcripts in $60 Million Book Deal?

The Obamas are going to be paid $60 million for two books. Let that sink in. For all their talk about the rich getting richer and the rich not paying their fair share and the poor and middle class getting raked over the economic coals, it hasn’t stopped Barack and

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04 Nov 2014

Michelle Tells Blacks to Vote Democrat and Then Eat ‘Fried Chicken’

You can’t make up this stuff. When I heard it on Rush’s show, I thought it was one of his parody skits. It turned out to be the real deal. Here’s what Michelle Obama said on the “News One Daily” show to host Roland Martin about today’s crucial election as

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06 Sep 2014

Why are Americans so Fat if Poverty is a Problem?

The unelected Michelle Obama is trying to force schools to serve healthier lunches. Many schools are rejecting her menu choices mainly because students won’t eat what she wants them to eat. Liberals are all about choice when it comes to killing unborn babies, but once the babies are born, they

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09 Aug 2014

Michelle Obama Using the Government as Her Personal Food Police

First Ladies should be rarely seen and not often heard. First Ladies were not elected to office. Their pet projects are at our expense. If they want to go around the country as private citizens and help people, I don’t any problem with that. But please stop them from acting

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07 Jul 2014

What’s Wrong Saying Obama is Gay and Michelle is Transgender?

Joan Rivers stepped into it big time. She said that President Obama is Gay and Michelle is Transgender. A cameraman asked Joan Rivers if the United States will ever elect a gay president or a woman president. Rivers, never known for tact since it’s part of her comedic shtick, said

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20 Jan 2014

15 Ways to Celebrate Michelle Obama’s 50th Birthday

The liberal media empire has gone even softer with the Obamas hoping to divert attention from the failed policies of this administration by gushing wildly over Michelle’s 50th birthday. ABC News published an article “50 Ways to Celebrate Michelle Obama’s Birthday.” Here are the first five: 1. Dance to Beyonce

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19 Sep 2013

Navy Yard Shooter a Product of Liberal Political Views

The more we learn about Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis the more he sounds like a radical leftist. A U.S. News article is reporting that “Aaron Alexis was so unhappy with his life in America — where he was beset by money woes and felt slighted as a veteran —

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02 Jul 2013

No Michelle: We’re the Ones in Prison

Michele Obama said that living in the White House is like being in prison, a “really nice prison.” You know like parties, free food, free rent, limousines, helicopter rides, free vacations around the world, etc. Laura Bush, who was present when the comment was made, “reminded the crowd that First

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11 Aug 2012

Michelle, Who You Calling a ‘Knucklehead’?

First Ladies should be rarely seen and never heard from. We didn’t elect First Ladies. That goes for conservatives, too. While appearing on the Tom Joyner morning radio program, “Michelle Obama called undecided voters confused’ and ‘knuckleheads,’ according to a video posted at Breitbart.com.” “All of us know that one

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20 Jul 2012

Will the Government Pass Laws Requiring Exercise?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg loves us. He wants us to be healthy. So he’s taken it upon himself to pass laws to stop people from eating too much salt, trans fats, and big sugary drinks. He believes these new laws will make a difference. Of course, they might, but

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02 Jul 2012

Michelle Obama Encourages Pastors to Break the Law

Where’s the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State when Liberal Democrats politic in Churches? If the wife of a conservative candidate went into churches to ask the people to vote for her husband, groups like the ACLU and Americans United would be sending threatening letters that

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21 Nov 2011

Obama Desperate: Sends Michelle to NASCAR Race

NASCAR has been a conservative Republican enclave for decades. It’s not that there aren’t Democrats among the fan base, but these Democrats are conscience stricken. Their roots are deep in the Democrat Party because of union affiliation and social programs like Social Security and Medicare. At the same time, they

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