No Michelle: We’re the Ones in Prison

Michele Obama said that living in the White House is like being in prison, a “really nice prison.” You know like parties, free food, free rent, limousines, helicopter rides, free vacations around the world, etc.

Laura Bush, who was present when the comment was made, “reminded the crowd that First Ladies had a chef.” I’m sure the food at the White House is nothing like real prison food.

She made the prison comment while on a multimillion-dollar trip to Africa paid for with other people’s money. It’s nice that she’s able to escape from the confines of her prison.

No one forced her husband to run for president — twice. If she’s in prison, then it’s self-imposed.

We’d certainly be amenable to seeing her and Barack leave their “prison” sooner than later. He could resign at any time.

In reality, we’re the prisoners. Our information is collected by the government. We’re forced to turn over our money to the State.

Five unelected judges make decisions for more than 300 million Americans. Once a decision comes down from the black-robed tyrants, we are bound to obey the ruling no matter what the cost is to our freedom.

So let’s get a petition going and call for the Supreme Court to grant her and her husband clemency so they can leave their White House prison.

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