Will the Government Pass Laws Requiring Exercise?

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg loves us. He wants us to be healthy. So he’s taken it upon himself to pass laws to stop people from eating too much salt, trans fats, and big sugary drinks. He believes these new laws will make a difference. Of course, they might, but so will passing a law that requires everybody to eat only 1800 calories per day.

When Mayor Bloomberg gets a hold of the new exercise study, there’s no telling what new laws will be passed. According to the medical journal The Lancelot, “a third of the world’s adults are physically inactive, and the couch potato lifestyle kills about five million people every year.” That’s about the same number of people who die from cigarette smoking.

If smoking can be banned in restaurants, buildings, apartments, and parks because of health concerns and healthcare costs, then it seems logical that people should be required to participate in “30 minutes of moderate physical activity five times a week, 20 minutes of vigorous activity three times a week, or a combination of the two.”

With ObamaCare being ruled constitutional, it’s not beyond the realm of possibilities that the government could require an exercise program of every American. If people can be taxed if they do not purchase health insurance, surely they can be taxed for not exercising according to a set of government-mandated exercise requirements to foster optimum fitness in the name of lowering healthcare costs.

The Lancet series called for global efforts to promote physical exercise by improving pedestrian and cyclist safety on city roads, for example, more physical education at school or promoting access to free public exercise spaces.

What does “global efforts” mean? Will the United Nations be empowered to force exercise compliance? Will we have to wear pedometers to prove how much physical activity we get in a day?

There’s already a “Let’s Move” campaign spearheaded by Michelle Obama and Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The administration wants local leaders to create more play areas for children working with businesses to fund city street closings. “These so-called ‘play streets’ allow children and their families to run, walk, bike or play outside without worrying about traffic.” Could the next step be compulsory?

Maybe the government will mandate that we walk to work or get a bicycle. Justice John Roberts and his four Supreme Court comrades gave the government unlimited power to force us to comply with its policies in the name of “good health.” You better getting your walking shoes and drop a few pounds before the government police knock on your door with a set of scales.

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