Will We Learn the Truth About Obama’s Birth Certificate and College Transcripts in $60 Million Book Deal?

The Obamas are going to be paid $60 million for two books. Let that sink in. For all their talk about the rich getting richer and the rich not paying their fair share and the poor and middle class getting raked over the economic coals, it hasn’t stopped Barack and Michelle from cashing in big time. Three cheers for capitalism!

Business Insider reports:

“The bidding for the rights to books written by former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama has skyrocketed to more than $60 million, according to a report from the Financial Times.

“Penguin Random House, which has published three other books by Barack Obama, is leading the bidding war so far, according to the report published on Tuesday. HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan are competing.”

I have to wonder if this is some sort of payoff to the Obamas for promoting leftist policies. Don’t be surprised if leftist groups buy millions of books as a way to pay for the payoff. They owe him big time.

Do Americans really want to read more about Barack and Michelle? What millions of Americans really want to know is what’s on that original birth certificate and Obama’s college transcripts that he has moved heaven and earth to conceal. Revealing these that might sell a lot of books!

What more do the Obamas have to say that has not already been said? Obama has been on the self-adulation circuit for eight years. The media have only had nice things to say about him. Have we heard even one discouraging word?

He and his leftist exploits have been frontpage news. He was FDR reincarnated as a black man making any criticism of his policies by definition racism. Black actor Jamie Foxx (Eric Marlon Bishop) declared that President Obama is “Our Lord and Savior.” He may have been joking, but for a lot of people, it’s no joke. They view the former (how good does that sound) President as the Bread King, the source of their daily needs, their political savior.

Most likely the Obamas will present more failed policy recommendations. They will promote more socialism for you and me while they make out as capitalists. Where is Bernie Sanders to point out the hypocrisy? But even Bernie is living the high life but on the government dole. This is the way it is with all socialist leaders. They promote wealth redistribution while making the big bucks because they deem themselves to be special. That’s why Leonardo DiCaprio can jet around the world lecturing everyone else about climate change while his carbon footprint is bigger that Al Gore’s.

In reality, books like these are mostly never read and quickly forgotten. They have no long-term impact. You have to suspect that the Obamas are seething with rage right now as they see their legacy going up in smoke. What must distress the Obamas the most is the guy striking the match is the same guy Obama trashed at the 2011 White House Correspondents Dinner. Here’s how The New Yorker reported on the event: “the President took apart Donald Trump, plastic piece by orange part, and then refused to put him back together again.”

I’ll bet you anything that Obama thought he had finished Trump.

Sweet revenge.

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