17 May 2018

Was Pres. Trump Wrong to Describe MS-13 Gang Members as ‘Animals’?

The Left is in a perpetual state of rage. The latest incident that’s upsetting the perpetually offended is a comment that Pres. Trump made about the vicious MS-13 gangs. The President has described them as “animals” at least nine times since 2017. What’s changed? The Democrats are getting even more

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11 Apr 2018

Zuckerberg Hearing Reminds Me of a Scene from ‘The Godfather’

If anyone expected something spectacular from Mark Zuckerberg appearing before Congress, you were disappointed. Many of those questioning Zuckerberg have received campaign contributions from him. Facebook worked directly with and for the Obama Administration. The Democrats will do anything in their power to protect one of their biggest champions. The Democrats might

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30 Jul 2015

The 165 Greatest American Movies Ever Made

Most of what comes out of Hollywood these days is rubbish, although occasionally one does find a few gems (e.g., Chariots of Fire, Hoosiers, Driving Miss Daisy, Babe, October Sky, A Walk to Remember). Many movies that could be enjoyed by children and adults are often spoiled by raw language

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03 Jul 2015

Cuban Embargo Helped Those it was Intended to Hurt and Hurt Those it was Intended to Help

In the sequel to the film The Godfather, Michael Corleone travels to Cuba during the pre-Castro, pre-Cuban embargo days to finalize some “business” deals with Hyman Roth(stein). “All reports were enthusiastically optimistic,” Doug Casey writes, “but he begged off after witnessing a street fight in which one of Castro’s rebels didn’t

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14 Mar 2014

Did Putin Get His Idea to Invade Ukraine from a Seinfeld Episode?

It’s been said that all of life’s questions can be found in the Godfather. The Joe Fox character in You’ve Got Mail made that point several times. “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. “It’s not personal; it’s business.” “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” “Go to the mattresses.”

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26 Dec 2013

What President Obama and Cuba’s Raul Castro Have in Common

You may not have seen the article about Communist Cuba leader Raul Castro and the comment he made about entrepreneurship. Cuba is so bad off economically that the pure Marxist ideological dystopia is a test case for why Communism is inherently self-destructive for those it claims to help but beneficial

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27 Feb 2013

Our Government is Worse than the Mob

When my business partner and I started Godfather Politics we had the mafia in mind. The mafia is not much different from the way our government works. When my oldest son was about four, we were at the check-out line at a Blockbuster video store when he noticed a video-tape

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11 Feb 2012

It’s Not about Contraceptives – It’s About Power!

“POWER, POWER, POWER, POWER — never forget that it is from a fascination of the limits and manipulations of Power that keep people interested in this book.”1 These are words from Francis Ford Coppola’s notebook that he used in preparation for filming The Godfather, based on the book of the

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03 Feb 2012

Nancy Brinker: “Just When I Thought I Was Out They Pull Me Back In.”

The reaction to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for dropping its financial support for Planned Parenthood was staggering but expected. Liberals are always incensed that someone from the guild would tamper with one of their sacramental institutions. I predicted that outside pressure would force the Komen Foundation to change its

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