Zuckerberg Hearing Reminds Me of a Scene from ‘The Godfather’

If anyone expected something spectacular from Mark Zuckerberg appearing before Congress, you were disappointed. Many of those questioning Zuckerberg have received campaign contributions from him. Facebook worked directly with and for the Obama Administration. The Democrats will do anything in their power to protect one of their biggest champions.

The Democrats might talk tough, but it’s all political theater.

Most (maybe all) of the people who work at Facebook are Leftists. If there are any conservatives, they are keeping their mouths shut for fear of losing their jobs.

Sen. Ted Cruz asked Zuckerberg “if Facebook has ever taken down any pages from Planned Parenthood, a Democratic candidate, or other left-leaning organizations. He also asked if the company asks its moderators about their political beliefs when hiring. Zuckerberg said he wasn’t sure about any steps taken against left-leaning organizations. He denied asking about the political beliefs of new hires, and he claimed he did not know the political orientation of any of the 20,000-plus employees on its content review team.”

Since Zuckerberg was not under oath, he did not have to tell the truth. He knows the political beliefs of those he hires, at least the top-tier hires, and the general overall political orientation of Facebook’s thousands of employees.

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Zuckerberg could have said that Facebook limits conservative content as a matter of policy and nothing would be done because many in Congress receive donations from Facebook. Just nine of the 55 members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee have not received any donations from Facebook. Facebook has the Democrats in its pocket “like so many nickels and dimes.”

Don Corleone, I need a man who has powerful friends. I need a million dollars in cash. I need, Don Corleone those politicians you carry in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes. ―Virgil Sollozzo

The Facebook political theater reminded me of the scene from The Godfather II  where Michael Corleone is being questioned about his mob ties. Early in the following clip, Sen. Pat Geary stands up to praise Italian Americans while denouncing the Mafia. Sen. Geary is on Michael Corleone’s payroll. He makes a statement for his constituents, all the time betraying them because Michael Corleone has him by the balls:

Yes, Ted Cruz did a great job questioning Zuckerberg, but nothing will come of it. There are too many Pat Gearys in Congress.

For the record, I don’t want the government determining what’s acceptable and unacceptable content. Of course, I don’t want Facebook making that determination either, but once the government gets involved, it’s all over.

Zuckerberg says he might accept some controls. That’s like Br’er Rabbit pleading with Br’er Fox, “Don’t throw me in the briar patch!” He’ll go along with some controls in order to keep any new social networks from challenging Facebook. He’s made his billions. He knows the Democrats will protect him. “Hate speech” will be defined in such a way as to censor any and all conservative views. It’s already happening.

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