05 Sep 2015

Here’s What Obama Did While Pro-Gay Judge Sent Kim Davis to Jail

While Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who is following the Kentucky Constitution that prohibits same-sex marriage, was sent to jail by pro-homosexual U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning (enthusiastically supported by Mitch McConnell), President Obama was making up new laws and forcing us to pay for men wanting to become women

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27 Apr 2015

GoFundMe Joins the Gaystapo to Shut Down Dissent

Does anybody believe that the majority of people who say they support same-sex marriage also support bankrupting a family business because it would not bake a cake for a same-sex wedding? We are seeing Nazi-style tactics to silence Christians who oppose same-sex marriage. While Jews were not permitted to stay in business

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04 Apr 2014

Mozilla Dumps CEO Because He Donated $1000 to Proposition 8

How is it possible that less than 2% of the population can wield such power? As expected, Mozilla Chief Executive Brendan Eich has stepped down. What did he do that was so evil? Did he murder someone? Did he molest a child? Does he have a Swastika tattooed on his

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02 Apr 2014

Firefox’s Mozilla CEO is About to Meet the Gaystapo

World magazine reports that “Tech company Mozilla’s new CEO [Brendan Eich] won’t have his job for long, if same-sex marriage supporters have anything to say about it.” Here we go again. The tolerant Gay lobby is about to bury the reputation of a business leader who had the audacity to

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10 Feb 2014

More Athletes Can’t Stop Telling Us Who They’re Having Sex With

Another athlete has told the world that he has sex with other men. What compels some people to reveal such things? Why is it almost always only about sex? The latest athlete to inform us who he’s having sex with is Missouri All-American Michael Sam. “The 255-pound Sam participated in

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05 Apr 2013

How Long Before Jeremy Irons Apologizes for Telling the Truth About Gay Marriage?

Any time some celebrity (like Jeremy Irons) makes a negative comment about homosexuality and so-called gay marriage, the gay war machine goes into action. “Danger! Danger! Someone has spoken against the gay narrative. Danger! Danger! Troops report for duty. Bring him back for retraining. We must get his mind right.

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07 Mar 2013

Gay Bullying Jeopardizes ‘Superman’ Comic Reboot

DC Comics owns the Superman franchise. Getting a comic book to press takes an artist, inker, color specialist, and writer. For a number of years, homosexuals have turned the venerable art of comic book storytelling into a propaganda crusade to desensitize young readers so they will accept homosexual behavior. The

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