More Athletes Can’t Stop Telling Us Who They’re Having Sex With

Another athlete has told the world that he has sex with other men. What compels some people to reveal such things? Why is it almost always only about sex?

The latest athlete to inform us who he’s having sex with is Missouri All-American Michael Sam. “The 255-pound Sam participated in the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., last month after leading the SEC in sacks (11.5) and tackles for loss (19), and he is projected to be a mid-round NFL draft pick.”

The media feels compelled to tell us that Ireen Wust of the Netherlands “became the first openly gay athlete to win a medal at the Sochi Games, pulling in gold. She is one of just seven openly gay athletes competing at the Sochi games, amid anti-gay controversies swirling in Russia and highlighted on the world stage for the games.”

Why don’t we hear of athletes who have committed adultery or have sex with underage children? Why aren’t these new human rights categories?

Maybe there are thieves at the Olympic Games. Why don’t we hear about athletes who are kleptomaniacs? There could be people who are into sadomasochism.

Maybe some athletes get paid for sex. Why don’t we hear about them? Why aren’t they a special human rights category?MichaelSamHRC

You may remember Suzy Favor Hamilton. She was an Olympic track athlete. When she retired from the sport, she became a high priced prostitute.

“Her image could hardly have been better: Athletic. A knockout. All-American. So accomplished and so wholesome that Disneyland hired her for speaking engagements, the Big Ten named an award after her and the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association made her their pitchwoman.”

If it’s OK for athletes to have sex with other men, and they are actually praised for their admission, then why was Suzy Favor Hamilton made out to be a sexual pariah?

One psychologist wrote the book Athletes Who Indulge Their Dark Side. So engaging in sex with other men is praised, but someone who has sex with other men and gets paid for it is indulging her “dark side”?

So instead of celebrating Suzy Favor Hamilton’s sexual diversity, her sexual choices, she’s been ostracized. She’s lost all her endorsements and is no longer on the speaking circuit.

According to “veteran coach Brooks Johnson, who’s worked with runners at every Olympics since 1968, says one thing almost all his charges have had in common is ‘extreme needs above the norm.’”

So why isn’t this true for someone like Michael Sam? Maybe there’s some “dark side” need that compels him to have sex with other men.

It seems that the only sexual practice that is never analyzed for its baseness is same-sex sex. A psychologist would never dare do it. The Gaystapo would spring into action and denounce him before he was able to disseminate the truth to a broad audience.

There may lots of people who are emotionally sick in the head, but not people who engage in same-sex sex.

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