02 Oct 2017

Is This the Reason For Mass Shootings and Other Acts of Violence?

A federal judge has ordered Lehigh Valley County, Pennsylvania, to remove the cross from its seal. He says it violates the Constitution. The cross represents the reality of sin, separation from God, and the redemptive work of Jesus Christ to reconcile us to God. The judge in the case “made

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29 Aug 2017

Atheist Organization Attacks Sen. Marco Rubio and First Amendment for Quoting Bible Verses on Twitter

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a disgruntled bunch of people. Not only do these despise religion, in particular Christianity, but their particular hostility that’s become an obsession has made them soft in the head. It seems that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) committed an unpardonable atheist sin. Yes, atheists have

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09 May 2017

Atheists and Liberals Go Insane Over Trump’s Executive Order on Religion

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on May 4, the National Day of Prayer, “that allows churches and other religious organizations to become more active politically, according to officials.” While conservatives were hoping for more, atheists and liberal Democrats were hoping for less, except in black churches where Democrats

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15 Feb 2016

How Justice Scalia Set the Anti-Religion Crowd Straight

Justice Scalia rocked the secularist establishment in many ways — from his views on abortion and same-sex sexuality to affirmative action and religion and the founding of the United States. In a speech he gave in January of this year, Justice Scalia said: “One of the reasons God has been good

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03 Dec 2015

“Christian Atheist” Denounces “Christian Terrorists”

Dan Barker is the Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. He’s written an article claiming that “Christians” who commit a terrorist acts should be described as “Christian terrorists.” But are they really Christians as Dan Barker was? He mentions Robert Lewis Dear, “the North Carolina Baptist who is accused of killing

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26 Nov 2014

Gays and Atheists on the Warpath to Oust Fire Chief and University Professor

There are a couple of stories about religion and the workplace that are shocking. The first comes from Atlanta. Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was suspended for one month without pay for publishing a book that says homosexuality and having multiple sexual partners is “vile,” “vulgar,” and “inappropriate.” “Chief Cochran

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04 Nov 2014

Pastors Show Backbone and Tell IRS to Take a Hike

Most pastors don’t like to cause trouble. They have enough on their plates that they don’t relish the idea of getting in a political brawl with the government and one of its most powerful agencies – the IRS. The needless fear of an audit by the IRS is enough to

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04 Nov 2014

IRS and Liberal Groups Silent on Black Churches Politicking

For decades Black churches have been used for political ends. The Montgomery bus boycott was supported by black pastors. The Civil Rights Movement was led by the Reverend Martin Luther King. Here are some of King’s comments where he mixes religion and politics: “I still believe that standing up for

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17 Sep 2014

IRS Won’t Release Deal Made with Atheist Group

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has been at the forefront of challenging anti-religious groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been working overtime to remove religion and religious expression from every area of American life. If it could, it would dismantle the First Amendment.

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28 Jul 2014

Nazi Tactics Being Used Against American Churches

In a previous article, I reported on how the IRS has teamed up with the anti-Christian organization the Freedom from Religion Foundation to monitor churches to make sure they don’t speak out on the subject of politics in a way that seems to be “partisan.” As I showed, there is

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17 Apr 2014

New Atheist Banner: If There is No God There are No Sins (or Crimes)

Atheists love to proclaim how rational and logical they are. Here’s the latest display of their powers of reasoning: “An atheist group upset at a Concerned Women for America Easter display that includes a Christian cross and various anti-abortion materials has now countered with an addition of their own: A

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29 Nov 2013

Two Atheists Walk into a Bar . . . Only One Walks Out

The members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation are spreading their religion again. Their latest attempt at atheism evangelism is with a banner that reads: “Relax: hell does not exist, or heaven either, enjoy your life.” The following is my attempt to show what could happen if a person followed

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31 Oct 2013

Atheist Billboard Says It’s OK to Murder, Rape, and Steal

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has started a new ad campaign pushing atheism as the foundation for all of life. Of course, the ad campaign doesn’t say that a person should murder, rape, or steal, but there’s nothing within the context of “Enjoy Life Now” that says a person can’t

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26 Sep 2013

Why It May Be OK to Stone Atheists

I love it when atheists like those from the Freedom from Religion Foundation bring out a new atheist campaign. The latest Freedom From Religion Foundation campaign is an invitation to students, faculty, and the general public at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to “stone” them at “Blasphemy Rights Day” based on

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19 Aug 2013

Persistent Atheists Come Out of the Woodwork . . . Again

There’s one thing that can be said about liberals. They are persistent. They never surrender. They never give up. They work hard to wear down the opposition. Case in point. “Two secularist organizations are working together to end legislative prayer before city council meetings in a northern California municipality. “For

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28 May 2013

Professor Attacked for Teaching Students to Think and Ask Questions

Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, is “looking into claims that a course centered around the subjects of creationism and intelligent design constitutes a violation of the separation of church and state.” The busy-body atheists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent “a letter of complaint regarding physics and

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14 Nov 2012

Anti-Christian Group Wants IRS to Go after Billy Graham

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is going after Billy Graham because the well respected evangelist encouraged Christians to “vote biblical values.” The folks at the anti-freedom group see this as a violation of some mythical constitutional prohibition. The First Amendment is clear: “Congress shall make no law” prohibiting people from

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16 Aug 2012

Can Atheists be Good Without God?

Atheists are at it again. The Freedom From Religion Foundation traverses the nation looking for any religious morsel that they can chew on in order to further their atheistic cause. Here’s the organization’s latest: The Freedom from Religion Foundation, an atheist group, recently sent a letter to the Shenendehowa Central

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