12 Feb 2014

Omen for 2014 Election?: Republican Kevin Faulconer Wins Big in San Diego

Does the recent election of a Republican for mayor of San Diego indicate what might happen in the upcoming 2014 election?  “A pro-business Republican candidate was elected San Diego’s new mayor after a special election to replace Bob [Filthy] Filner, a disgraced Democrat ousted last year. With results in from

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02 Nov 2013

2014 Could be the Year of the Tea Party

I love off-year elections. The majority of low-information voters don’t vote. Unfortunately, a lot of conservatives also don’t vote even thought an off-year election is the best way to scuttle the Democrats and defeat some RINOs. Think 2010 when the Tea Party showed its muscle. Compare it to 2012 when

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30 Oct 2013

Hey Meghan McCain: We’re Frustrated and Depressed Because of Your Dad

Meghan McCain, the daughter of Republican Senator John McCain, said in an interview with ABC and Yahoo News that her father “was ‘frustrated’ and ‘depressed’ by the Tea Party.” Meghan described the Tea Party as the ‘hyper-conservative wing” of the Republican Party. John McCain’s daughter went on to say: “He

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25 Oct 2013

Is Washington DC Racist for Having So Many White Babies?

Fox News reports that there’s been something of a baby boom in Washington DC — more white babies. “Census figures show the number of children younger than 5 has grown by almost twenty percent to 39,000 over the past 3 years. “The number of children ages 5 to 13 rose

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21 Oct 2013

Why Grover Norquist Hates Ted Cruz

Grover Norquist has been out front in his attacks against Ted Cruz. Norquist is the founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, an organization that opposes all tax increases. Norquist is an Establishment Republican insider while flirting with leftist causes like statehood for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is

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30 Sep 2013

Liberals and RINOs Don’t Understand Ted Cruz Filibuster

Liberals and RINO Republicans are following the anti-Ted Cruz narrative that his filibuster didn’t accomplish anything. They are wrong. It had mega -impact! Here’s what David Gregory said to Cruz in an interview segment: GREGORY: You’re a terrific lawyer. You’re making an argument. I asked you a specific question based

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06 May 2013

If You Want to Win ‘Don’t Back Down’

If you want to win, you can’t back down. Define your position and stick with it. If you are going to run for political office, you better have positions that you’ve thought about for years. Run on them. If you don’t win; so be it. Keep at it until you

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15 Mar 2013

Dianne Feinstein is the Sixth-Grade Poster Child for Incompetency

Dianne Feinstein was challenged by Sen. Ted Cruz on her understanding of the Second Amendment. Instead of answering Sen. Cruz’s questions, Feinstein threw out several red herrings. A red herring is a logical fallacy that misleads or detracts from the actual issue. When you don’t like the way a cross

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12 Mar 2013

Neo-Con Doesn’t Get the Importance of Rand Paul’s Filibuster

Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster over domestic drone strikes has set the Neo-Con world on edge. The old bulls feel threatened by the surging new bulls. For decades conservatives have been waiting for someone to stand up against the spineless, too-long-in-Congress, old guard Republicans. John McCain and Lindsey Graham were the

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08 Mar 2013

John McCain Calls Paul, Cruz, and all Constitutionalists ‘Wacko Birds’

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) continues to criticize his fellow Republicans for their filibuster of incoming CIA Director John O. Brennan because of ambiguous responses to the administration’s drone policy. In an interview with the Huffington Post, McCain referred to Republican Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as “wacko birds.” McCain

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16 Feb 2013

Let’s All Sail on the ‘Ted Cruz’ Ship from Texas

This is what Republicans should be. Take a long look at the freshman senator from Texas — Ted Cruz. He’s giving the Democrats and RINOs a dose of what it means to go to Washington and do what you said you would do when you asked people to vote for

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27 Nov 2012

Blah, Blah, Racist, Blah, Blah, Racist, Blah, Blah, Blah, Racist

I love white meat, and if you love white meat, you’re most likely reacting to some inner anti-dark worldview, because, according to Ron Rosenbaum at Slate, “Dark meat represents slime and viscosity. Dark meat embodies all the menace of dissolution into the nothingness that is the slimy ground of being

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