Let’s All Sail on the ‘Ted Cruz’ Ship from Texas

This is what Republicans should be. Take a long look at the freshman senator from Texas — Ted Cruz. He’s giving the Democrats and RINOs a dose of what it means to go to Washington and do what you said you would do when you asked people to vote for you.

Cruz took an oath to govern in terms of the Constitution.

Here’s what he said in an email interview after coming down with a case of laryngitis he most likely got from taking on the Democrats:

“I made promises to the people of Texas that I would come to Washington to shake up the status quo. That is what I intend to do, and it is what I have done in every way possible in the responsibilities that have been granted to me.”

The Senate has become a gentleman’s club with most Republicans serving meals and drinks to the Democrats hoping for a few tips at the end of the day. All they get is the back of their political hand.

Sen. Cruz opposed Chuck Hagel, a former Republican Senator, for the Secretary of Defense position. He took on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel when he “wrote to the chiefs of big banks urging them not to invest in gun manufacturers.” Cruz accused the mayor of his crime-ridden city of “bullying.”

Cruz had words with Charley Rangel, the Senate’s third-ranking Democrat, on live television. The Texas Senator “voted against virtually everything before him — including the confirmation of John Kerry as secretary of state — and raised the hackles of colleagues from both parties.”

What if we had 40 Republicans like Cruz? Now that’s a party American conservatives could get behind.

Maybe Sen. Cruz will light the way for mealy mouthed, once-thought-to-be conservatives to come back to the fold.

“The last thing we need is another status quo senator or congressman who will go along to get along,” said former Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who pumped money into Mr. Cruz’s campaign, then left the Senate to lead the conservative Heritage Foundation.

All the Democrats could do was to accuse the senator of the dreaded “M” word — “McCarthyism.”

When a Democrat gets attacked on the facts or principles, they resort to name calling. Fortunately, most low-information voters don’t know much if anything about Joseph McCarthyism. They might actually think that he’s a big fan of Paul McCartney of Beatles fame.

The above quotations were take from The New York Times (February 15, 2013).

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