John McCain Calls Paul, Cruz, and all Constitutionalists ‘Wacko Birds’

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) continues to criticize his fellow Republicans for their filibuster of incoming CIA Director John O. Brennan because of ambiguous responses to the administration’s drone policy. In an interview with the Huffington Post, McCain referred to Republican Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as “wacko birds.”

McCain also attacked Rep. Justin Amash from Michigan. Rep. Amash had this to say in a Tweet: “Sen McCain called @SenRandPaul @SenTedCruz & me ‘wacko birds.’ Bravo, Senator. You got us. Did you come up with that at #DinnerWithBarack?”

When’s the first time or the last time a Democrat criticized another Democrat from the Senate floor? No matter how wayward a Democrat is, other Democrats rarely if ever say anything negative.

Have you noticed that anti-gun groups have been relatively silent lately? There’s a strategically planned reason for it:

“President Barack Obama’s gun control agenda is looking more doomed by the day, but gun control advocates still haven’t said a word to complain.

That’s no accident.

“The White House knew its post-Newtown effort would require bringing key gun control groups into the fold. So the White House offered a simple arrangement: the groups could have access and involvement, but they’d have to offer silence and support in exchange.

“The implied rules, according to conversations with many of those involved: No infighting. No second-guessing in the press. Support whatever the president and Vice President Joe Biden propose. And most of all, don’t make waves or get ahead of the White House.”

Democrats present a united front. Republicans gather in a circle and shout, “Ready . . . Aim . . . Fire!”

What Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and other Republican Senators did was energize the Republican base. So while the flame of constitutional conservative values burned bright for 13 hours, the limping old guard RINOs brought their leaky fire hoses to put it out.

Instead of joining in on the legitimate criticism of the ambiguous statements by Attorney General Eric Holder on drone attacks on U.S. soil, McCain was being snookered by President Obama on a dinner date.

Now Obama can say that he’s cooperating with the Republicans. He invited them to dinner to discuss the budget impasse! If the Republicans don’t go along with his claim of compromise, Obama will blame the impasse . . . on the Republicans. “See, I sat down with them. I wanted to compromise, but they won’t budge.” Of course, given the attacks on Paul and Cruz, McCain will probably roll over so Obama can rub his tummy. “Good doggie!”

Paul and Cruz were right to question Holder on drone strikes because the Attorney General would not give a straight answer. It was the filibuster that forced Holder’s hand. Holder wrote the following to Sen. Paul:

“It has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question: ‘Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?’ The answer to that question is no.”

So why didn’t he answer “no” when he was first asked this question? There was no “additional question.”

McCain and Graham are licking their wounds because the new guys decided to take the fight to the Democrats.

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