17 May 2017

Stock market sheds 372 points on same day Trump special counsel announced

There may be more at play here than just waning hope that Trump’s tax cuts are going to be passed…

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09 Jul 2015

I Thought ‘Gay’ Was the ‘New Black’: Black Judge Refuses to Marry Same-Sex Couple

“A Toledo Municipal Court judge who declined to marry a same-sex couple said . . . his decision was based upon his ‘personal and Christian beliefs.’ Judge C. Allen McConnell said in a written statement his refusal . . . followed his beliefs developed over many years.” I wonder if

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05 Nov 2014

Let’s Stop the Impeachment Talk and Build on Our Success

Since the blowout in yesterday’s election, there are some conservatives who want the Republicans to go for the throat and impeach President Obama. I believe such an attempt would be a disaster. Everything that was just won would turn to dust. The media and the Democrats would love to take

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29 Jul 2014

Shut Up About the Impeachment of Obama

Sarah Palin is till talking about impeachment. Please make her stop. Impeachment proceedings won’t stop Obama’s lawlessness, since he will not be impeached given the makeup of Congress. The Democrats are raising money on the threat of impeachment. They are praying that the Republicans go forward with impeachment. It’s just

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09 Jul 2014

Why the Impeachment of Obama is a Bad Idea

If you ever played a team sport, you’ll understand this analogy. When you have a pitcher who is not throwing strikes, what does the coach tell his batters? Don’t swing until he throws a strike. When a man is walked on four straight balls, the next batter knows not to

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