28 May 2015

Lawsuit Filed Against Clintons for Possible Racketeering

“Somebody has to do it.” These are the words of Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch regarding the possible criminal actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Since Congress is afraid to act, it’s up to private citizens to investigate the Clintons and growing suspicions about the way they are using their

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08 Dec 2014

Mary Landrieu Lost Because She Reminds Voters of Hillary Clinton

As I predicted in 2013, 2014 turned out to be a great year for the Tea Party. Conservatives didn’t get everything they wanted. We’re still stuck with John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, but we’ve added some good people to the ranks of the GOP. We’ll know very soon if the

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14 May 2014

Trey Gowdy’s 3-Minute Lecture to the Media Silences Them

You’ve got to watch this video. It is an open and shut case of “selective amnesia” by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the media. Trey Gowdy III has served as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s 4th congressional district since 2011. If the Republicans had more people like

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02 May 2014

Pelosi and Democrats are Panicking Over Renewed Benghazi Scandal

Nancy Pelosi is upset that Benghazi is coming up again. The 2014 elections are getting closer every day, and the news is not good for Democrats. (They shouldn’t worry too much since the Republicans are apt to blow what chance they have of taking the Senate and expanding their lead

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16 Apr 2014

The Phone Call Bureau of Land Management Probably Got from the White House

Most people who were following the federal government’s power play in Nevada against Cliven Bundy were surprised and elated that the government suddenly backed off from their assault. They’ll be back but most likely not until after the 2014 election. In fact, they may wait until after 2016. Government employees

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02 Nov 2013

2014 Could be the Year of the Tea Party

I love off-year elections. The majority of low-information voters don’t vote. Unfortunately, a lot of conservatives also don’t vote even thought an off-year election is the best way to scuttle the Democrats and defeat some RINOs. Think 2010 when the Tea Party showed its muscle. Compare it to 2012 when

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14 May 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Taps Own Phone Lines

Obama is getting hit from all sides. On Benghazi, the best the President could do is speak gobbledygook:  “There’s no ‘there’ there.” Is that like Bill Clinton’s “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”? He explained himself (?) with this line: “The fact that this keeps

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13 May 2013

Why Republicans Won’t Get any Political Traction on Benghazi

If anything happens over Benghazi, Obama won’t be touched, Hillary will get a pass, and the Republicans won’t get any political traction because they’re a party without ideas. A front page, above the fold article in USA Today confirmed it for me. “Jodi Arias guilty of murder.” A second article

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23 Apr 2013

Get Ready for the Obama Boston Cover-Up

I do not believe the Boston bombings were an inside job, but I do believe a cover-up of who gets the blame for failing to put the pieces together is in the works. So what would the Obama Administration have to cover-up? Obama and Company should have seen it coming.

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25 Jan 2013

Hillary Clinton Protected from Combat Because She’s a Woman

Leon Panetta announced that female military personnel will now be allowed to engage in combat. They will be permitted to take frontline positions in a war. They’ll be able to get blown to bits just like men. But that’s only in war. At the same time this announcement was being

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28 Nov 2012

Why Susan Rice was Picked to Speak Out on Benghazi

There’s a reason why this site is called “Godfather Politics.” The Mafia and civil governments function in similar ways. If you want to know why any particular decision is made, you only have to follow two things: the money and the power. The main difference between the two is that

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20 Oct 2012

Watch ‘Educated’ Obama Voters in Action

Most voters, especially Democrats, vote out of ignorance. You’ve seen the interviews where people are asked if they agree with a particular candidate’s position. The position is usually that of a Republican but it is attributed to President Obama. Because the people being interviewed are Obama supporters, they agree with

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