Watch ‘Educated’ Obama Voters in Action

Most voters, especially Democrats, vote out of ignorance. You’ve seen the interviews where people are asked if they agree with a particular candidate’s position. The position is usually that of a Republican but it is attributed to President Obama. Because the people being interviewed are Obama supporters, they agree with the position.

They haven’t studied the issues; they only parrot the support of whatever “authority” or peer they respect. It’s no wonder that support for Obama is still high. They believe in a myth.

It seems to be worse on college campuses. When my wife and I were in college, most news came from television, radio, and newspapers. Students didn’t have TVs and they didn’t get a newspaper delivered. The radio was usually tuned to the latest music. Generally speaking, we were cut off from the world of news. My four years of college is a near news void. I do remember the 1968 and 1972 Olympics and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon in 1969 and the thing called the Vietnam War. Other than these news stories, world events were a blur.

Today’s young people, especially those who are involved in politics, are not devoid of news sources. Every college student is connected to the Internet by computer, iPad, or smart phone. There are hundreds of news sources available, and they’re all free! There’s no excuse for ignorance. If students have time to rally for a candidate, they have time to check out what’s going on with that candidate.

A survey was done that determined that more people know about Honey Boo Boo than the terrorist attacks that took place in Benghazi where four Americans were killed.

The latest example of political ignorance comes from Ohio University. (The YouTube video title has Ohio State). A number of students are asked about news reports on the riots and deaths in Benghazi. Their answers — or lack of them — are shocking.

The interviews take place at an on-campus Obama campaign event.

The questioner asks this question of two young women: “What do you think of the situation in Benghazi? They turn to one another, laugh, and one of them says, “I have no Idea.”

The questioner then asks, “Do you know who Ambassador Christopher Stevens is?” One of them answers “no.” The other had the good sense to keep her mouth shut.

Turning to an older Obama supporter, the interviewer asks: “What do you think was the cause of the attacks on our ambassador?” Here’s his answer:  “You know, I think really the Republicans did it.”

Even the media spin machine isn’t making that claim. They would if they could, but they aren’t.

Two students are asked, “What do you girls think of the consulate attacks in Benghazi?” They don’t have the slightest idea what he’s talking about.

He approaches a middle-aged woman, and asks her, “Are you aware of the attacks in Benghazi?” Looking down, she says, “Uh, no.”

Two more Obama supporters are approached; one is wearing an Obama 2012 shirt. They are asked if they are aware of the consulate attacks. The one wearing the pro-Obama shirt answers, “No. I am not aware of the consulate attacks.” Another young lady says, “Um, I’m not really sure about that.”

Two more interviewees can only show blank stares when asked, “What do you guys think of how the President handled the consulate attacks in Benghazi?”

Three more. No answer.

Two more. “I’m really uninformed about that.” At least she was honest.

Two more. Big smiles, a laugh, but no answer.

The next guy said, “I don’t even know what that is honestly. Nope”

Another Obama/Biden T-shirt wearer. Same question, similar answer.

A few people did know something about the attacks. I can’t tell if one of them was being sarcastic when he said that the President “just brushed it off his shoulders. That’s real leadership.”

Of the people he interviewed, none of them knew who Christopher Stevens was, but when asked if they were going to vote for Obama, they were all in. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. “I support Obama 100 percent.” “Hands down Obama.” “I already voted, and I voted for Obama.”

What do they care. All they want to know is (1) How long can I stay on my parents’ health insurance and (2) will Obama steal money from the tax payers to pay for my college education?

You can watch the sadness here:

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