30 Mar 2017

Only Conservative Women Can be Personally Attacked

I’m not for attacking people personally. Here’s my operating premise: “Don’t give anyone the opportunity to reject your position other than the position itself.” While I do not always follow my own rule, I do my best to keep the debate about the debate. Anything else is a distraction. Only

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29 Mar 2017

Paul Ryan, SOB (Son of Boehner)

If you are a film lover like I am, you are familiar with the “son of” films. Son of Kong (1933),  Son of Frankenstein (1939), Son of Dracula (1943), and Son of Dr. Jekyll (1951) come to mind. There was also Son of Flubber (1963), but that’s a different genre. They were cheap

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28 Mar 2017

Politicians View Themselves as Gods Who Believe they can Create Prosperity by Stealing

While on an excursion to the Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion, Greece, someone asked the guide about education in Greece. She said it was free. I kept my mouth shut. The last thing you want to do on a cruise ship is make enemies. Being tossed overboard in the middle

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25 Mar 2017

The Collapsing Structures of Today’s Anti–God Worldview

During my trip to Athens, Greece, I stopped at the Temple of Olympian Zeus, “a name originating from his position as head of the Olympian gods,” near the Arch of Hadrian. The temple complex took nearly 700 years to complete: “The temple’s glory was short-lived, as it fell into disuse after

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24 Mar 2017

As a Business Owner, How Would Like to Pay a 24% Tax You Can’t Pass on to Customers?

I’m reporting from Athens, Greece. I recommend it. It’s a great place to visit. A couple of observations before I get to the subject of taxation. As you probably know, the national language of Greece is Greek. Nearly every person we spoke with who speaks Greek also speaks English. Some

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23 Mar 2017

Christian Leaders want Trump to Steal More Money

Liberals love the Bible when they think they have found something in it that supports their concocted moral, social, and political theories. Even some conservatives fail to recognize that the Bible does not support an expansive tax-and-spend centralized government no matter how beneficent the cause is said to be. Hillary

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22 Mar 2017

Stupid Rich New Yorkers Want their Taxes Raised

I thought it was a joke. But it’s not. Actually, it is a joke, but it’s not funny: “Some of the wealthiest New Yorkers are asking the state to raise their taxes. “Eighty people including George Soros, Steven Rockefeller and Abigail Disney wrote to lawmakers and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo

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21 Mar 2017

Fans Blame Duke Loss on NC Transgender Bathroom Bill

The Duke Blue Devils lost to No. 7 University of South Carolina Gamecocks 88-81. Some fans contend that it was North Carolina’s bathroom bill that contributed to the loss since the NCAA would not hold any part of its tournament in North Carolina because of the “discriminatory” law. Because of the NCAA’s

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20 Mar 2017

You Don’t Have to be Literate to Teach in NY Public Schools

My grandparents (both sides) were born in Italy. My mother had 11 brothers and sisters and my father had 10. My grandparents could not speak English very well. They insisted that their children learn English, and learn it well. My mother’s father sold the farm that he owned on the

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19 Mar 2017

‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ and Political Control Through Force

Movie remakes can be hazardous. Few can compete with the originals. There are exceptions. The Man Who Knew Too Much, Ben Hur, Tombstone (a remake of My Darling Clementine), and Ocean’s Eleven. In other cases, both the original and the remake are good on their own: Pygmalion and My Fair Lady,

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18 Mar 2017

It’s not Budget Cuts. It’s Stopping Theft by Government

Governments can perform illegal acts. Not everything a government does is moral or justified. Just because a government says something is right and good does not make it so. There was a time when it was OK to enslave people. In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that killing unborn babies

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17 Mar 2017

Is the Game of Pool Racist?

You may have seen the article that milk is now racist. It’s not racist because it’s white; it’s racist because of calcium and the way non-whites assimilate it and government nutrition guidelines. The Mother Jones article [see here] states that not only is milk non-beneficial to Africans, but following the guidelines

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16 Mar 2017

Is ‘Captain America’ Out-of-Touch With American Voters?

It seems that everyone in Hollywood is liberal. Those who don’t say anything one way or the other may be conservative. Big name stars like Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight get a pass because their films make money. There are others who make noise about their (fake?) liberal political views

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15 Mar 2017

Trump Paid $38 Million in Taxes While the Obamas Spent $85 Million on Vacations

The Democrats wanted to see Donald Trump’s tax returns. Now they have, and they’re sorry his 2005 tax returns ever came to light. Be careful what you wish for. Rachel Maddow believed she had gotten a golden ring to expose Trump as a tax-dodging fraud until Trump beat her to

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14 Mar 2017

Liberals Should Have to Prove Scientifically that there are 58 Different Genders

It’s a simple request. Homosexual have been claiming that they are homosexual by nature. That is, their genetic makeup puts them in the same sexual character as heterosexuals even though the plumbing is all wrong. Since heterosexuals can get married, it stands to reason that a third sex like homosexuality/lesbianism

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13 Mar 2017

First Step in Fixing Healthcare: Get the Government Out!

There was a time that doctors were paid in cash or some form of barter exchange. “In 1900, the average American spent $5 a year on health care ($100 in today’s money). No one had health insurance, because you don’t need insurance for something that costs $5 a year.” (NPR)

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10 Mar 2017

Hey, Nuns, Take Katy Perry’s $14.5 Million and Donate it to Anti-Abortion Groups

Catholic nuns are tough. I know first hand. I attended a Catholic school through the 5th grade. Sister Mary Josephine was tough as nails. We had to wear a uniform with an ill-fitted sports-jacket. I was growing like a weed. It was about four inches too short in the sleeves

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10 Mar 2017

Prime Minister of Canada Steals $650 Million to Support Killing Unborn Babies

“Well, when you say it like that, yes, it does sound terrible.” Liberals are fawning over Justin Trudeau’s pledge of $650 million for Planned Parenthood and overseas abortions. I first thought that he must be a billionaire to donate that much money. He didn’t donate it. He stole it from

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