11 Oct 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Obama to be Her Personal Fascist Dictator

At a fundraiser for President Obama, Academy-Award-winning actress and multimillionaire (net worth $60 million) Gwyneth Paltrow said of President Obama, who was present at the event of the one-percenters, “It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass

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06 Oct 2014

Ben Affleck Believes Our Rights Come for “Our Forefathers”

Ben Affleck got slammed pretty hard for his views about Islam on Bill Maher’s show. He was trying to equate Islamic violence with past acts of Christian violence. He was correct when he said that a few representatives of a religion like Islam should not be used as a gauge

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04 Oct 2014

Justice Antonin Scalia Sets the Anti-Religion Crowd Straight

For more than 35 years I have written on the topic of America’s religious foundation. I’ve written five books on the subject, dozens of articles, and participated in a debate with atheist lawyer Edward Tabash. The study of American history will show that the atheists, ACLU, Americans United for Separation

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04 Oct 2014

Of 10 Highest IQs at Least 8 are Theists and at Least 6 are Christians

How many times have you heard atheists argue that people with the highest intellects are atheists. Many of them are. At same time, there are many very intelligent Christians.. I know lots of them. One of my professors, the late Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen (1948-1995), was one of the most

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03 Oct 2014

Duggar Daughter Discombobulates Darwinists With Evolution Holocaust Connection

Jessa Duggar wrote the following in an Instagram post about her walk through the Holocaust Museum: “[It was] very sobering. Millions of innocents denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights–their right to life. One human destroying the life of another deemed ‘less than human.’ Racism, stemming from the

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01 Oct 2014

Atheist Bullying Organizations Attack High School Sculpture with Bible Verses

The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) and the Washington, D.C.-based American Humanist Association (AHA) are demanding that a Georgia school remove two Scripture verses from a sculpture that sits outside of the field house at Madison County High School in Danielsville, Georgia. “In addition to the school logo

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25 Sep 2014

Public School Bans Christian Books

Officials at Springs Charter School in Temecula, California, must have misunderstood what Banned Book Week (Sept. 21-27, 2014) is all about. The celebration is not about why it’s good and proper to ban books; it’s about the freedom to read. The sponsors of the celebration are against banning books unless,

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20 Sep 2014

American Flags Out, Mexican Flags In at American Schools

The courts and their pontificating judges have gone crazy. We shouldn’t be surprised if judges who don’t know the difference between male and female anatomy don’t know the difference between America and Mexico and the American flag and a foreign flag: “The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals let stand

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16 Sep 2014

Non-Christians are More Superstitious

Go into any bookstore, and you will see shelves of books on the occult, the New Age, horoscopes, tarot card readings, and any number of superstitious beliefs. Newspapers still carry horoscopes. Look at the number of TV shows about aliens, ghosts, and claims of the supernatural on cable channels. Penn

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12 Sep 2014

Federal Judge Richard Posner Declares Himself to be a God

Liberals everywhere are praising the pro-homosexual decision of Judge Richard Posner’s decision in the Wolf v. Walker same-sex marriage case. The media have been hyping the quick shift in opinion regarding same-sex marriage. In reality, the shirt is in judges who are overruling the decisions of duly elected state legislatures. These

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10 Sep 2014

Atheists Want ‘Under God’ Removed from Pledge of Allegiance

The Washington Times reports that “the American Humanist Association kicked off a national campaign to press people to stop pledging allegiance to the U.S. flag, until the phrase ‘under God’ is removed. The campaign includes YouTube video spots and bus stop ads in New York City and Washington, D.C., the

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09 Sep 2014

What the Armenian Genocide Can Teach Us about the Islamic Caliphate

I was watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002) over the weekend. It’s a funny movie. A minor background character in the film is the Greek grandmother, affectionately called “Yiya.” The only word you can understand her saying is “Turk.” She lives with her son and his family. She wanders

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08 Sep 2014

Is it Time for Doomsday or for Building a City on a Hill?

“Apocalyptic thinking is in the air,” University of Connecticut psychologist Kenneth Ring said in 1990.1 But long before 1990 and today’s claim of a near-end of all things, speculation about the apocalypse was common. In fact, dip into any generation going back nearly two millennia and you’ll find prophetic speculators

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27 Aug 2014

Jimmy Carter to Give Keynote Speech at Muslim Convention

Former President Jimmy Carter has been more critical of Christians than terrorists like Hamas and ISIS. Carter ran for president in 1976 as a “born again Christian.” Carter’s Southern Baptist Faith turned out to be a huge disappointment. Dr. Gary North writes: “The fundamentalists were happy to receive attention at

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26 Aug 2014

Native Americans Love the Redskins but Should Hate Washington

A Muslim woman was offended because of a “Bacon” sign that was posted by Sneakers Bistro, a local restaurant in Winooski, Vermont. It read “Yield for Sneakers Bacon.” It was a street sign that was part of a city beautification program. The owner took it down so as not to

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25 Aug 2014

Mike Huckabee Shows He’s Naïve About Common Core and Education

Liberals knew that if they could capture the schools, they would have future generations of people agreeing with them on almost everything. They sold parents on the premise that public education is “free.” In reality, it has been very costly, not only in monetary value but in ideological devaluation. Mike

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23 Aug 2014

Why Abortionists, Islam, and Homosexuals Will Ultimately Lose

Some of the greatest civilizations that the world has ever known are tourist attractions. Babylon is a dusts bowl. There’s not even a hint that its Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, ever existed, so much so that “it has been suggested that

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22 Aug 2014

If ‘Bless You’ is Banned in Public Schools then So Should the Constitution

You’ve probably heard the story of the public school girl in Tennessee who was suspended for saying “bless you” when a student sneezed. I wasn’t there . . . I don’t know all the facts . . . but I do know that most outbursts during class do not merit

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