23 Jul 2019

What You Don’t Know About the Minimum Wage Will Hurt You

The Democrats want to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) told “attendees at a One Fair Wage event that the federal minimum wage should actually be $20 per hour, not $15 as is currently being pushed by the Democratic Party.” Because governments pass laws

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04 Mar 2017

The looming disaster facing these six states because of laws they recently passed

Bureaucrats and politicians should be required by law to be trained on the Law of Unintended Consequences. If they were, they wouldn’t vote to pass laws like this…

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22 Oct 2015

Star Wars VII and How Tyranny Returns: From Carter to Obama

The following three sentences from Ben Domenech’s article “The New Star Wars Trailer, Analyzed” caught my attention: The internet comment threads are filled with frustrated confusion about this. How can people forget about the Jedi a mere thirty years after they orchestrated the collapse of the Empire? Did they all

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04 Feb 2015

New Minimum Wage Law Forces Borderlands Books to Close

Lawmakers believe they can create economic opportunity and prosperity by law. If they really believe this, then why not pass a law that says that everybody should get paid $40.00 per hour? If $15.00 is good, the $30.00 should be better. Many companies live on thin profit margins. They are

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05 Sep 2014

Minimum Wage Workers March to Eliminate Jobs

Fast food workers across the United States went on strike to protest minimum wage pay. They want their salaries doubled to $15 per hour — twice the federal minimum wage rate. If the $15-wage-rate goes into effect, business will drop off and layoffs will take place. Some of the people

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08 Jan 2014

1,600 Job Applicants for 36 Jobs Evidence of Obama’s Economic Policy Failure

“Thanks to persistent unemployment and low availability of low-skill jobs,” Ben Shapiro writes, “Shenandoah Family Farms’ ice cream plant in Hagerstown, Maryland has received over 1,600 applicants for a grand total of 36 jobs.” How is it possible that with nearly a trillion (fake) dollars (it may be more) pumped

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02 Aug 2013

Millions of Young People Who Voted for Obama Living with Parents

Beware what you wish for. Young voters were ecstatic when Barack Obama came on the political scene. He was vetted by the media as a political messiah that would united the world with his soothing words, erase all racial conflict, and bring peace where peace was once unattainable. Their hopes

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16 Jun 2012

23% of Small Business Owners Went a Year Without Pay and Obama is Happy About It

Since 2010, I have not received a salary from the company where I’m the president and have worked for 31 years. My business partner, who is vice-president, also does not receive a salary. In addition, we’ve had to lay off a few people. My wife was the first to be

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26 Apr 2012

Democrats Are Creating a Permanent Underclass that will Keep Them in Power

Rep. Chaka Fattah, a Democrat from Pennsylvania, said the following on Al Sharpton’s program: “We’re headed in the right direction. Unemployment continues to drop and those people who are unemployed, they’re not going to be voting for the party who wants to cut their benefits, cut access to food stamps,

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24 Mar 2012

President Obama Has Become the Blameshifter-in-Chief

President Obama is once again blaming everybody else for the sorry state of the economy. High gas prices were the fault of speculators. Now it’s the fault of Iran. The bankruptcy of Solyndra and the loss of the $500 million dollars he loaned the company is the fault of the

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17 Feb 2012

What We Can Learn from Singapore

In March of last year, my wife and I spent ten wonderful days in China as part of a group meeting with church and business leaders. It was an unforgettable experience. I told a group of Chinese students at a church service that I was bringing some of China back

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03 Sep 2011

Obama Economics Advisor Blames Bush on Lousy Jobs Numbers

President Obama’s economic adviser Gene Sperling blamed the economy the president inherited for today’s unemployment report with a jobless rate at 9.1%. Keep in mind that the president promised an unemployment figure of 8%. Sperling claimed that 11 million jobs had been “saved” due to the president’s spending policies. Here

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